Parenting. Expectations Vs Reality

Before getting pregnant and having kids I had an idea in my head of how it would all be. I guess we all do. It’s kind of funny when I look back how naive I actually was. Was I in for a wake up call! Early pregnancy I had imagined I would be all happyContinue reading “Parenting. Expectations Vs Reality”

Christmas Traditions

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great week so far! I have been thinking lots this week about Christmas traditions and how we don’t really have any set Christmas traditions since we became a blended family. I think we both had our own separate Christmas traditions but now it’s time we came up with someContinue reading “Christmas Traditions”

A day in photos

Hey there Secret lifers! I just know you have all been dying to know what i get up to in a day. I mean it’s all exciting here every minute (haha). Here is a day in my life via photos… Wake up looking amazing obviously! Then while I am trying to come around I getContinue reading “A day in photos”

We’re all going on a (budget) summer holiday part 2

If you were here last week then you will be up to date on the first part of this blog which is about our summer holiday. If you’re new you can catch up to it here. Day 3 Another rain free day. Were we actually in Wales?! It wasn’t very sunny to start out soContinue reading “We’re all going on a (budget) summer holiday part 2”

Wetland Centre Llanelli. Days out.

We visited the WWT Wetland centre over the first May bank holiday. It’s a good place for our younger children although I think the older 2 would have enjoyed had they been with us. When you arrive you can buy some birdseed at one of the desks. The bag is pretty big so one shouldContinue reading “Wetland Centre Llanelli. Days out.”

Our day at Folly Farm

We do love a good old trip to Folly Farm. Its just about 1 hour from us by car. So Easter Sunday we packed the picnic and off we went. Yeah I know that makes it sound so easy, because as you will know, packing picnics for kids (especially toddlers) requires military level strategic planning!Continue reading “Our day at Folly Farm”

Easter egg-cess

Easter gives me the same uneasy feeling as it does when it comes to Christmas. I see all these lovely posts displaying wonderful Easter bounty or Christmas present piles and I for just a minute I think am I being mean/tight/boring. You see at Easter we give just 1 egg and maybe a small eggContinue reading “Easter egg-cess”

A perfect day.

I am only now writing about what we got up to on Mother’s Day because it takes me a while to write up and edit each blog. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. We didn’t go out for lunch. We went for a half day out to our local country park. We had intended takingContinue reading “A perfect day.”

Mama Bamboo. Product review.

We have been really excited to be given the opportunity to review some of the products from Mama Bamboo. Mama Bamboo believe that all our babies deserve the best start in life. This is why they have developed natural, beautiful products that are free from harsh chemicals and gentle on baby’s soft skin. Bamboo isContinue reading “Mama Bamboo. Product review.”

Home made play dough

I’m always on the lookout for great rainy day ideas or any kinds of activities that you can do when you need to stay at home. I live in Wales so it rains A LOT. Here I am going to show you one of our favourite activities -home made play dough. Home made play doughContinue reading “Home made play dough”