A day in photos

Hey there Secret lifers! I just know you have all been dying to know what i get up to in a day. I mean it’s all exciting here every minute (haha).

Here is a day in my life via photos…

Wake up looking amazing obviously!

Then while I am trying to come around I get eye tortured by a toddler.

Watch Hey Duggee and then go and make myself a cuppa..

Always tea first thing.

Then of course the laundry commences.

Bribe child to get dressed with lollipop so we can all get out the door at approximately the same time.

Visit to the swimming pool. It was fab this day as there was hardly anyone else in there.

Spend roughly 15 years in a shop while your child decided what he wants to buy with 40p.

Bit more laundry…

Decide that it’s time to sort out old toys. When you’re waist deep in toys you lose the will to live and wish you had never started.

Yet more effing laundry.

We had this amazing bear in a tin gifted to us and we stuffed and sewed him. I will be posting about that later in the week.

Feeding time at the zoo. Chicken on the table is one of our favourite meals. We had garlic roast potatoes with it. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Cake from the coop for dessert. Cos we is posh like.

Daddy pile on! Guess I’ll go out my feet up then…(was actually doing more laundry)

Time for walkies. He looked about as enthusiastic as I was feeling at that point!

Little littles bottle before bed. I love the cwtches before bed and reading him a story. His favourite is ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.

Big little reading his school book before bed. He’s in a Welsh school so all his books are Welsh at the moment.

Mammy time. Netflix and chill. I think i was watching Unbelievable. Awesome series. Check it out. Also let me know what’s good to watch.

So that’s a typical day in the life of me. I would love to see a day of yours in pictures.

One thing I will say though is there was A LOT MORE LAUNDRY!!!

Love and peace xxx

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