My Toddler has a Speech Delay

Ad. This blog contains a link to Speech Blubs app. I contacted them for help and they kindly gifted me access to the app in return for an honest review on my blog. Everything contained in this blog is my own honest opinion. As always I would never promote anything I didn’t honestly love.

I am not sure exactly when I noticed that Ezra was slow starting to speak. I know I brought it up at his 15 month assessment. I couldn’t quite say what I thought was wrong apart from that he was a bit quiet. My older son, now aged 7, was very advanced speaking so I tried not to compare but even so he didn’t seem to be hitting those milestones. At the assessment the Health Visitor reassured me and told me to return if there was no improvement by aged 2. At this point I  didn’t think there were any cognitive issues, he seemed to understand what we were saying.

We sang lots of songs, read books all the usual things you do. We offered choices and emphasised the name of objects we gave him but there was very little progress when it came to speech. He understood what we were saying and had ways of communicating other than speech to make himself understood. He would point, take our hands to lead us somewhere, bring us a toy. He even had sounds we could recognise as ‘I like that’ or ‘I don’t like that’. I continued to wait until he was almost 2 but by the time he was 23 months he had basically no words except Mama and Dada. There were times we thought he may be trying to repeat a word we said but it was very unclear. By now I was certain there was a problem and contacted the Health Visitor again. I wanted him assessed by Audiology to check there wasn’t an issue with his hearing and also the Speech and Language therapist. The health visitor agreed after seeing him and referrals were made. I was given some basic information how to promote early language while I waited for him to be seen.

Of course, this was in Dec 2019, a world pre Covid. We knew the letters would come that waiting lists were suspended and when it arrived in March 2020 we were not surprised. We understand why it has to be on hold but it didn’t stop us feeling sad that our son had to wait longer for an assessment. We were contacted by the Speech and Language therapist in April 2020 who did a telephone assessment with me regarding Ezra. She sent me some more information but there wasn’t much that was new from what I had already been doing. I took to Google to see what else I could do to help. Then a friend told me about an app her son had been using, Speech Blubs.

I contacted them and explained my situation as above. They were extremely helpful and agreed I could try the app out in exchange for my honest review on my blog.

Before we started using the app Ezra could say Mama and Dada. Those were the only 2 words he consistently and clearly said. He occasionally would repeat a word but it was very sporadic. When he did repeat words they were often not very clear. He also repeated very few animal sounds. He would roar for lions and dinosaurs but that was pretty much it.

The Speech Blubs app is really simple to use. You start by answering some questions about your child and they give you a quick report to highlight any potential problems. That can be done without purchasing a subscription if you are curious to check it out. You then input some information about your child’s likes so that they can tailor the app for you. The main screen is simple for a toddler to use and Ezra picked it up and was really engaged with the games right away. I think he particularly liked the children saying the words or sounds. He seems to prefer copying the children rather than adults. He loves the picture filters too and the little stories at the end. I think guess the animal is his favourite at the moment as he always selects that option when we open the app. I love that it is really simple for him to use and it’s really difficult for him to accidentally click out of the app. There are also no ads which is perfect.

We have been using the app for 2 weeks so far. This is what I have found so far. Ezra is more willing to copy the sounds and words from the children on the app. He is copying many more animal sounds while we are using the app compared with when I try and get him to do them. He is repeating words we say more frequently and now uses the words ‘ta’ ‘more’ and ‘again’ regularly without prompt. He has started counting to ten! While the words are not yet clear and a stranger probably wouldn’t understand him we can! He loves pointing out and saying numbers now. I felt so emotional the first time I heard him doing it. He is repeating many more words now and he seems to be enjoying trying to speak. I know this is just the start and I am so excited to see how he progresses.

Massive thank you to the Speech Blubs developers. The app really is amazing! I am going to do an update blog in about 6 weeks to let you all know how he is coming along and what else we have been doing with the Speech Blubs app. You can read more on the Speech Blubs Blog.

Here is also a link to the app on play store.

If anyone has any tips or advice they would like to share it is all gratefully received and I can share it with other parents too.

Take care all, love and peace xxx

Win A Cosmogrill Gas Barbecue worth £335

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Good Luck Everyone!

My Journey from Fat to Fit part 2

I wrote the first part of my fitness Journey early March before Covid19 caused havoc. You can read that here . Had the world not gone to shit I’m pretty confident I would be a size 8 supermodel by now! Ok that’s crap but I feel I would probably have progressed further than I have. I haven’t quite gained the infamous ‘quarantine fifteen’ but there has been gains and I’m not talking fitness goals here. Sadly.
So the gyms got closed. It had taken me a whole damn year to motivate my booty to the gym 3 times a week! I was gutted because I had also just got into the Yogalates class and was loving it! Ok no problems I thought, I will workout from home. Except there seemed to be no time/space/equipment. I was still working plus being a teacher. Shopping was a whole new ball of anxiety for me (we talked a lot about my shopping anxiety during therapy). I had started eating chocolate like it was going out of fashion. Maybe my brain thought it was a prophylactic!

By the end of April I realised I had to do something about this as I was starting to feel depressed about my body again where back in March I had started feeling much more positive and confident. I got a new bike (the last one gave me a sore fanny after about 5 minutes!) and got out on some family bike rides. We were at the time limited due to the restrictions but it felt good to get moving again even if was only once or twice a week. If you have seen our bike ride pictures you will know it’s not as simple as jump on bike and go. We (the Mr) has to get them out of the shed. Hook up the tag along. Get everyone assembled and we have to plan our route carefully because of the tag along. So bit of a mission, particularly as we were both still working and were working opposite each other to manage childcare.

The walking and rides helped with the activity and as the supermarket madness settled planning meals became a bit easier. Although I think we have become a bit lazy about cooking. Actually I’m not sure lazy is the right word. Probably more likely fed up. With 4 children home it feels like we have opened a diner some days. Throughout May I was still feeling a bit like Mr Blobby. I had resumed more of my good eating habits but still feeling totally chuffed off as I really wanted to do more exercise, but how. I struggle to do it at home. Then I had an idea. Couch to 5k  ish. No I’m not taking up running. Last time I did that I broke my arm, not while running, but a sure sign from God that I should stop.

I had a little Google but couldn’t really find an app like couch to 5k for cycling. So I kind of devised my own plan. I was going to cycle for 15 mins and then cycle back. Easy. 30 minutes exercise. I thought I could measure my performance by the distance traveled. I plan to increase as time goes on but that’s a starting point. Week 1 went well. Had a little hiccup on week 2 as my chain came off and then I got ill with some kind of bug. Which takes me up to now. Hoping to get back on the bike next week and restart week 2. I will keep you updated.

The other thing I have done is purchased some kettle bells. I haven’t used them yet due to being unwell. I had absolutely no idea in the world what to do with them but my lovely friend Lisa sent me a workout to try so going to get on to that next week too. My plan is to recruit the 7 year old into joining me in the workout and then maybe I will get more of a chance at being successful at home. We will see.

Ok so not much progress. Was hoping by part 2 I could have given you progress pictures but it has been rather challenging so I’m sure you will let me off! However I am still determined to increase my fitness and decrease my weight so I think I deserve cheers for that at least. I haven’t quit. I’ve just had to rearrange how I can realistically do this. One thing is for sure though, I can’t wait to get back to the gym. Whenever that may be. My leisure centre is currently a field hospital.

Take care all in these strange times. Love and peace xxx

Lockdown. Day 1354278

Well hello there secret lifers. Long time no write. In case you hadn’t noticed we have been living in a crazy world this past couple of months and I have somewhat had my hands full and been much busier than usual. I have seen all these amazing people posting about the new skills they are learning on lockdown. Between work and family and trying not to lose my freaking mind I haven’t really had time for any of these remarkable feats, learning new languages or how to do origami but I thought I would give you a little peek as to what I have been getting up to.

I learned a new skill
Tik Tok is basically saving my sanity with its silliness. It’s my escape from the real world. Instagram is a lovely place but sometimes I don’t want to see all the amazing things you can do with your kids because it makes me feel guilty that I can’t because I’m in work or too knackered. Facebook is like the house of bloody commons. TikTok is just nonsense and I love it.
Here is my profile if you want to see what I get up to over there
I became a teacher
I should use that term very loosely. Ok teachers you have a whole new level of respect from me. I struggle to get 1 child to do a bit of literacy work never mind 30. Maths we fly through but heaven forbid I need him to write a sentence. It’s like pulling teeth except much more painful (for me).

I expanded my cooking skills
Ok this is not completely accurate. But I have cooked a lot more. Why do children need to eat so much. They are like hobbits with their second breakfasts and elevenses. I’m basically someone’s snack bitch now and the kitchen never freaking closes.I have exercised
I was full of ideas that I would be working out from home and doing virtual classes but in the real world that just hasn’t worked for me. Having a 7 year old jump on your back while you are attempting a down facing dog is ever so slightly off putting. We have enjoyed going for a walk every day though and now the weather is better we can get out on the bikes too.

I Have Cleaned

…and then cleaned some more. I’m fed up of cleaning now though, like seriously. My house looks like Smyth’s toys exploded in my living room. Most days I come home from work and it’s like that. It’s like groundhog Day. On the plus side when the floor is covered with toys you can’t see the crumbs.
I increased my fluid intake

If drinking gin in the kitchen on a Saturday night counts that is. Staying in really is the new going #outout. I have been to 2 Tova Leigh virtual shows, joined the quiz with cookie crumble and I’m winging it too and had a girls night via video calling. I’m quite enjoying myself actually!
So there you have it. What I have been up to. Hope you are all well. I would love to know what things you guys have been up to. Let me know in the comments.

Love and peace xxx

When Lockdown Ends…

This past week has been a struggle. I’m not going to lie. My anxiety is up and down but I can usually manage it quite well. I am missing my wider family, I am missing my friends, I am missing taking the kids to the park and on our little adventures. I’m even missing the gym! I have no idea how people in other countries survived a full lockdown as I’m going stir crazy just with our lockdown. I decided to think about what I am going to do when this nightmare is finally over.

Visit my Parents

This is without a doubt the first thing I will do. Currently I drop off shopping once a week and stay outside. I can see them through a window which is a bit nicer than facetime. Quick chat and then I’m off. My sister is sheilding with them which is nice because I get to see her too.

Take the Children to the Park

I am really missing going to the park with them. It really is the little things in life that make it worthwhile isn’t it. Let’s hope that we all exit from this awful situation with a new perspective on life and appreciation for the simple things. It really is true that the best things in life are free.

Go swimming

Another family activity that we all really enjoy is swimming. Big little had just started to really come on with his swimming lessons and little little is part fish so it’s like his natural habitat. I also find it really relaxing and fun.
Arrange a Meet up of Friends

In our group we are all busy with family, work, hobbies etc. Much like people everywhere there are so many things to do. Things get put off or other things come up it’s just the way it was. But life is precious and so is time.

Let the Grandparents have some quality time with the children

They will have missed each other it’s only right that they now have some good quality time together. Plus we have had them all the time for weeks on end and it would be nice to have some adult alone time. Do you think a week would be too long? (Just kidding).

Family Day Out

I don’t know where and I don’t much care but I want to jump in the car, take a picnic and spend the day exploring some new woodland with the famalam.


Hopefully there will be some summer left to do this. I am fortunate we are in walking distance of a beach and the sea but have avoided going down on to the beach for our walks so far. I may even buy some huge inflatables to celebrate with when we do get to spend the day there.

Book a Holiday

I have no idea where to but I am definitely ready to get away from my house for a bit. We have never been abroad as a family and I would love to do that but as a family of 6 it usually works out super pricey. We will see.


I am super chuffed that I found my teacher was doing virtual classes via Facebook but it’s not quite the same in the living room with limited space trying to keep an eye on the tiny screen and little people coming in to poke you.

Browse the middle aisle

I’m still shopping at Aldi but it’s a quick whizz round or sometimes slow depending on social distancing but I am just getting what we need. I am not a huge fan of shopping as it triggers my anxiety but there’s something about that middle aisle isn’t there. What mystery bargains will it have today and what didn’t I know I needed. I miss it!

The list could go on and on in reality couldn’t it. But these are things that I seem to be missing most of all right now. Let me know in the comments what things you are missing the most and what things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted. If you liked this head on over to MamaDoIt to see her bucket list for lockdown end

I hope you are all managing ok through the lockdown. If anyone is struggling please feel free to message me on Instagram. I am not trained but I am a good listener. Keep safe people. Much love xxx

Self Care while on Lockdown

Hey everyone. I really hope you are all keeping well and safe in this crazy time. If you have been following my blog or my Instagram then you will know how important I feel it is to look after your mental health. I am 1 in 5. I suffer with my mental health and make sure I work self care into my week to keep myself sane. Self care is absolutely so important, probably even more right now in this uncertain time. Some of our usual ways of looking after ourselves may not be an option right now. I am definitely missing the gym right now. I have been thinking of how I am going to keep myself mentally healthy at this time. Some of my ideas maybe a bit different to other things you have seen but this is what I think is going to work for me at this time

Lower your standardsBasically we have just been given the equivalent of an extended school summer holiday without the support of any other family members outside of the house. Unless you are a super woman (and good for you if you are, I’m not) the house is going to be pretty messy. If you are a key worker, like me it’s definitely going to be a mess more than usual. This is something I know triggers my anxiety but right now I have to keep it tidy as best I can and give a good clean and tidy on my days off. Having an immaculate home is not a priority for me right now but keeping my sanity is.

You are not a teacherUnless of course you are! I have always been amazed that anyone can home school. Now we are all having a go. I have seen some fantastic ideas people have had and I think it’s brilliant. I love that all these ideas are shared for others to try them out. We must remember though that it may not be what works for us and that’s ok too. We are all trying our best in this difficult situation and we must try not to put extra pressure on ourselves. Our children need us to be strong and mentally healthy for them first. Try and find the balance. Personally I am going for a bit of Joe Wicks, a bit of the 3Rs and something creative drawing/Lego/Minecraft. Lunch then free play.

ExerciseThere is a reason Boris didn’t do a complete lockdown and allowed 1 period of exercise daily. Mentally that would have been so hard on all of us. Getting out and being active is so good for our well-being. I am so very grateful for that and look forward to it every day now. We are allowed to go for a walk, run or cycle alone or with members of our household. I highly recommend you use this opportunity as a way to look after your mental wellness. Remember to stay local and keep 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your home.

There are also many apps right now that are offering free entry to their exercise content. I would definitely have a look about and see what is available that you like. I’m also sure that there will be some fitness accounts on Instagram sharing their workouts.

Time out
No not for the kids! For you. If you are at home all the time with small children you will need a break. Usually you can go to playdates or soft play, maybe meet up with some other mums at the park. Arrange a group chat with your friends. We are so lucky to have such amazing communication tools at this time, let’s use them! You can keep in touch with family the same way. If you have a partner/husband you will need to support each other in this now more than ever. Take it in turns to take some time out. Baths, face masks all the usual pampering self care treats apply. Bonus points if you get the kids to massage your feet.


At this time it is more vital than ever to look after ourselves and this includes our mental health. Our children will be looking at us to see how we manage ourselves at times of stress. Let’s teach them how to be more resilient by practicing self care and taking care of our mental wellness. I just heard on the radio today Paul McKenna has recorded some positivity podcasts which I haven’t checked out yet but will be.

I wrote a blog about dealing with anxiety in self isolation which may help if anyone is feeling really anxious right now.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe and stay home. Love and peace xxx

An Open Letter to the People of the UK

People of the UK your country needs you. Your country needs your help. Never before, in most of your lives, has your country required so much of you. You see we are at war. The enemy is invisible. The enemy is unlike any other we have seen before so we don’t know which weapons we can use to defeat it. The enemy is deadly for some. Each and every one of us is required to play a part in this war effort. Imagine if in WW1 or WW2 the whole country did not get on board. What would have become of us then?
The NHS are the army. They will do the hard work of fighting the enemy head on. They have prepared the battlefield as best they can and are already battling hard in some areas. Some may even die fighting this war. The scientists will be working hard to find the weapon to completely annihilate the enemy. To make sure it can never cross our shores again. There are many other key workers who will work hard to support the war effort. They will keep us fed, keep our utilities going, care for the children of other key workers to name just a few. Each is just as important as the other. The remaining members of the UK public YOU have a massive role to play in the war effort. YOU can actually make the difference. YOU can save lives. YOU can be the heroes of this war too. What can you do?
YOU need to follow the Government advice. YOU need to isolate when you have symptoms. Your household needs to isolate with you. Follow the current Government advice.
Even if you or your household have no symptoms you still need to practice social distancing. Stay home. Watch Netflix, read books, play with your children, meditate, do home workouts, bake, learn something new. Leave home only for essentials. Try to minimise any contact on those occasions. If you need to go outside for fresh air keep a distance from others. YOU have such an important role in this war. YOU can actually slow the spread of the virus. That will give the NHS more of a chance to fight it before it becomes overwhelming. Do you realise how important each and every one of you are? Some of you will feel this is too much to ask of you but this is a temporary but necessary action. Some of you have not realised the gravity of the situation yet. Yes it all feels surreal right now but the full force of the enemy has not emerged yet. Please consider those who are elderly or vulnerable. It is life or death for some of these people. YOU have the power in  your hands to change that. To make things safer for them. To save their lives.

I will admit I completely underestimated the threat this enemy posed at first. I listened to the information given at the time and made judgements based on that but as more evidence has unfolded the more I have seen the enormity of this situation. I understand that the advice from the UK government has not always been clear or consistent but the message that seems to be coming through now is that STAYING HOME SAVES LIVES.

Link to social distancing advice

Guidance for households with possible infection

Dealing with Anxiety while Self Isolating

Living with anxiety on a day to day basis absolutely sucks balls. If you have anxiety you will know exactly what I mean. However, it seems odd that I am not completely freaking out about the current Coronavirus Pandemic. I mean I am concerned and cautious and following all the guidelines but I am not all out losing my mind. Which I feel is kind of unexpected. I saw this post earlier and actually I think there is some truth in it. It’s as if my anxiety is saying ‘told you so!’

Hmmm I do wonder.

I thought I would write up a post on some things that can help with anxiety if you are self isolating. I have been in isolation for 5 days now and I am feeling the strain. Here are some things that you may find useful.

Limit Social Media
I cannot emphasise this one enough. I have been guilty of trawling Facebook at 1am looking at some ridiculous shite about onions defeating Coronavirus. For me Facebook is the worst platform for spreading misinformation. Noone fact checks….click…share and the bullshit goes on. Do yourself a favour and limit yourself on this. If you need to look at information then use sites that are knowledgeable such as NHS online or the WHO website. Barbara Smith from number 24 is not a virologist and onions don’t kill Coronavirus.Binge watch Netflix
If you are feeling ill then for the first few days you are not going to be wanting to do much. Make a list from Netflix, even subscribe to another streaming service if needs be. Take this time to chill and heal. If you are a mum you can ignore this step because you will have Paw Patrol on repeat continuously. But seriously, take time to rest and heal and letting the kids watch continuous Paw Patrol may be the only way.

When you start to feel better you may want to start getting a bit of activity back in your life.  Not as easy as just nipping down the Gym now is it? Spin classes cancelled for the foreseeable. Exercise is so important for mental health. So how can you do this amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic? I have found a couple of apps that are free or free for a short time that can help you to keep active at home. app
https://active.popsugar.comTry and spend as much time outside in your garden if you have one. It will be grounding and if Mr Sun is out you’ll get a dose of Vitamin D. If you are not isolating but social distancing going for walks (or a run) is still not discouraged. Being in nature always helps me with my anxiety. Particularly forests for some reason.

The National Trust are aiming to keep as many of their parks and gardens open as possible and will remain free at present. Their shops and cafes will be closed however. They are releasing regular statements on their website regarding the situation.Try mindfulness or relaxation
When you are really anxious sometime the brain just will not switch off. No matter what you want it to do it keeps throwing out various scenarios. I have some emergency techniques on a previous blog post I wrote Me, Myself and my Social Anxiety. They are really great if your anxiety is starting to spiral out of control. Mindfulness and relaxation techniques are more like preventative measures. Something to practice every day. Now don’t give me that crap about time. You’ve just been put in germ jail for 14 days. All you have got is time. You really are going to have to dig deep right now and self care is really important right now. I’ve looked for some apps for you. I’ve tried my best to find free ones as most are free to download but you then need a subscription.Smiling mind timer of my personal favourite relaxations is the body scan with Jon Kabat Zinn. I listen to them through YouTube but there are thousands and thousands of different styles. It is worth spending a little bit of time finding the one you like best.
This one is 30 minutes which is a good starting point if this is new to you.Cleaning
Ok this may not be your bag. It isn’t normally my bag to be honest but when I am anxious I clean. Don’t ask me why, it is what it is. Day 4 of isolation I felt particularly twitchy and by day 5 the cleaning had started. May as well spring clean while I’m stuck here. It is giving me some goals to focus on and then the spring cleaning will be done. Double winner!Cooking/baking
Now is a great time to polish up your baking skills. Why not host a Facebook bake off among your friends. Challenge yourself to make dishes using the contents of your fridge. I find cooking helps distract me when I’m feeling anxious and you get the added bonus of feeding you all at the end of it. Unless you have been panic buying. In that case enjoy your pasta and bog roll!Ok guys I hope some of you will find some of that helpful. I have been self isolating so I completely understand the cabin fever. I have never been very good at staying in and I can’t wait until Friday! Please feel free to message me if you are struggling. I am not trained but I am a good listener.
We got this guys, we can do it, I promise as long as we help each other and remember to be kind.
Love and peace xxx

2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Hey guys. Hope you are all doing ok. I have been wanting to try banana pancakes for a while and in particular I wanted to try the 2 ingredient banana pancakes because there are times when we go through all the bananas and there are other times that the bananas are going black and get binned. We are trying to reduce waste here so this seemed like a great place to start.

I looked around a few different recipes but here is the one I decided to follow. It’s as simple as I wanted it. Eggs and bananas. So easy. The recipe recommend 1 large banana to 2 eggs. My bananas were more of a medium size so we tried 3 bananas to 4 eggs.

Very ripe bananas are easiest to mash up. I saw some recipes call for putting it in the blender but I can’t be doing with that kind of faff so they got a good mashing.

I then added the 4 eggs.
I beat the eggs into the banana puree until it became like pancake batter. I found mine was a smidge on the runny side so added 1 extra banana which gave a better consistency.
Mine was mostly lump free. A few teeny tiny lumps but I figured that would be just fine.

Into the hot pan. Blob a bit of butter in first so it doesn’t stick.

Carefully flip it over after a few minutes. It may take a couple of goes to get it quite right. You can always flip it back if it’s not brown enough.

I gave this one another quick flip.

These 2 ingredient banana pancakes taste so good. And with there only being those 2 ingredients they are a healthier option to a regular pancake and also gluten free. The only problem is deciding what topping to have!

I was kindly gifted some flavoured syrups from

They are zero calorie and zero sugar. I have tried and like all the flavours I was gifted but fancied the chocolate brownie flavour for my pancakes. It was really good!

I will definitely be making these again and soon! Let me know if you try them out!

Love and peace xxx

The Skinny food company gifted me the syrups but it was not a requirement to include them in this blog post. I have added them in because I like their product and it tasted good on my pancakes.

Coronavirus. My Top 5 things to Stockpile

With all the media coverage about Coronavirus and stories on the internet about people stockpiling toilet roll and hand sanitizer I though I would share my thoughts as to what I feel we should be prioritising and keeping quantities of at home in the event that we should have to self quarantine for 14 days. I have put a great deal of thought and consideration into this list and think you will find it useful but that does not mean I am encouraging anyone to start panic buying these items. We all need to remain calm. This list is in no way meant to replace advice from the Government or the World Health Organisation. The list is in no particular order.

Be like Bob


You are going to need all the coffee if you are going to be quarantined with a houseful of kids and your husband. Think of all the extra meals your going to have to make and clear away. Better add 2 spoons per mug mamma’s!

All the Coffee


Which leads to my next item on the Coronavirus stockpile essentials list. It’s going to be pretty much like school holidays except you can’t leave the house to escape to the park for a few hours. When the cabin fever starts kicking in throw the kids a few snacks and head off to the kitchen cupboard for the next item.

Snack time


Self explanatory really. Will help with the cabin fever and if you run out of food it will help wash those snacks down.

Dry shampoo

With all the snack making and coffee/gin drinking you will be doing there’s going to be no time for frivolous things like washing your hair. Just because you’re on lockdown doesn’t mean you should let that mum bun get all greasy! You don’t want to run out or you may have to actually wash your hair (talc is an emergency option)


Forget about pasta and rice. Chocolate has everything you need to survive the coronavirus crisis. It’s got milk and sugar and some other stuff which I’m sure is just as good for you as pasta and tinned tomatoes. Plus if you have the misfortune of being in germ jail on shark week the other house members will need to throw chocolate at you from a distance until normal services resume

So there you have it guys. My top 5 coronavirus quarantine essentials. Please note at no point did I worry about fecking bog roll or hand sanitizer. Wash your hands with soap and water you dirty buggers!

Let me know if there is anything else you would add to the list.

Love and peace xxx