Speech Disorder Update

I wanted to give you an update on how things are going with Ezra and his speech. Ezra is now almost 4 years old. He has lots of words now and speaks in sentences. There are still lots of sounds that he can’t make though, which makes understanding him really difficult. When he was just using single words It was easier to understand him but now he is putting several words together it really is quite tricky.

The speech and language therapist has been linking in with the school and he has been having regular one to one session with a LSA who works closely with the Speech therapy service. While I am really pleased that he has been having the extra help at school I really can’t see that it was making much of a difference.

There has been a couple of issues at school with Ezra’s behaviour. We are not sure if this is linked to his communication difficulties but suspect it may be that he is becoming frustrated that he is not understood. We do sometimes see frustration in his behaviour at home when we can’t understand him and we are familiar with his speech.

I recently contacted his speech and language therapist to explain the situation. We felt that he needed to be seen by them directly again. He was very quickly reviewed at school and the decision was made that he would have weekly sessions directly with the speech therapist and one of us parents can attend with him. I asked if they had a diagnosis as someone had mentioned to me about verbal dyspraxia. We were told that he is too young for a definite diagnosis but the therapy he will receive will be the same as that for verbal dyspraxia anyway. His therapist is now someone who specialises in speech disorders.

We never pursued the tongue tie referral due to Covid and decided to take a watch and wait position instead. I am no longer sure that is the issue but I’m still not completely ruling it out.

I do worry that his speech will not progress any further. It’s awful to see him struggling to express himself but on the whole he really manages well with so much. I will keep you updated

Love and peace xxx

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