Gravitrax Obstacle Starter Set – a review

GraviTrax is an interactive marble run set from Ravensburger that allows players to design and build tracks. It allows you to explore and create endless possibilities of fun whilst experimenting with gravity, kinetics and magnetism.

GraviTrax Obstacle Starter set

I am always looking for fun ways to entertain Isaac my 9 year old. We do a lot of outdoor activities but when it comes to being at home he, like many other kids his age, wants to be on the screen. I have no issue with screen time in moderation but I am always looking for other activities to get him interested in while we are at home. I am usually fairly successful at engaging him with STEM based activities so when I saw they were looking for people to review the GraviTrax starter set I knew I had to apply.

Ready to go. GraviTrax set.

GraviTrax Obstacle Starter set

The GraviTrax Obstacle Starter set has over 140 components to get you started straight away with the infinite possibilities of marble runs. We started off with one of the easier to build tracks following the instructions which are very easy to follow. The parts all fit together and slot into place easily. The first couple of times it didn’t run exactly as it should but we soon realised that was our mistake and on reviewing the instructions realised a step we had missed but this was soon very easily corrected and the track ran perfectly after that.

Setting up the GraviTrax course

After we spent some time playing with the first track we decided to build the track on the box which is probably the most complicated track in this set. The second track was far more complex to build but again the instructions were clear to follow and when it was set up everything worked the first time!

GraviTrax set up

We did help my 9 year old with the set up of the track but as he gets used to the different shapes and pieces I know he will be able to do this independently. Although he won’t need to because we will all want to join in! It’s fascinating to watch the balls traveling along their paths and doing the different tricks that each track has in its design. My favourite was the trampolines. The fun isn’t just in setting it up either. We watched it run the course so many times. It’s very fascinating to watch how each part works.

Clip of GraviTrax in use

Once you have the GraviTrax starter set you can stick with that and make the suggested tracks in the book. As you become more familiar and confident you can design your own tracks. The possibilities are endless. There is even a GraviTrax app that you can download to help you create tracks and then build them with your set. You can also purchase GraviTrax expansion sets or individual add ons to add to your possibilities. The only limit is your imagination. Some of the videos I have checked out on YouTube are amazing!

Would I recommend the GraviTrax Obstacle Starter set? Yes absolutely. For older children aged 8+ it’s a really great way to get them engaged with play that will stimulate their imagination and problem solving skills. I also think this would be a cool gift for an adult who likes creating and building things.

You can check out our video of the GraviTrax Obstacle Starter set in action here. I will also save it to a highlight reel on my Instagram account. If you also have fun creating and building with GraviTrax please tag me on Instagram @th3secretlifeofme so that I can see what you have created.

This is a collaborative blog post. The GraviTrax obstacle set was sent to me in return for my honest review. The thoughts and opinions in this post are as always mine.

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