Woodlands Family Theme Park

Woodlands is the largest family theme park in Devon so we just knew we had to visit while we were on holiday. It was about 1 hour drive from where we were staying in Dawlish. There are 9 different zones to explore as well as the zoo farm and the falconry centre so it’s a full action packed day so you’ll want to arrive early to make the most out of it.

Ship ride at Woodlands

There is far too much to write about each zone individually as there is so much here so I will just give you some of our highlights. In the cyclone cannon zone the water slides are on another level. I have been on similar slides in other theme parks but none compare to how fast and scary these are (in the best way of course). Go one every one as they each are different. The Dino Trek will be loved by any dinosaur enthusiasts. I was actually amazed that my 3 year old was able to identify each dinosaur and tell me what they eat!

Empire of the Sea Dragon is the biggest indoor play area in the UK and I must admit it is impressive. I’ve been to lots of soft play areas in my time and this is undoubtedly the best I’ve seen. It’s 5 floors high so you may want to do some training before you go if you have smaller children you need to chase around. Older children will be fine. There is a smaller soft play area too which is great for younger children. Obviously Ezra wanted to go in the massive play frame so I got my cardio in early that day. The outdoor area has the Pirate ship and Vertigo. Ezra is such a thrill seeker. He was just over the height requirement for Vertigo and cried when he came off… because he wanted to get back on! Crazy child he had a couple of goes on it.

Vertigo at Woodlands

Hidden deep in the woods of the ninja zone are the Ninja Towers four 50ft towers that are connected by net bridges. Perfect for the little (and big) climbers in your family. There are also some awesome slides to take you back to the ground.

In the Arctic zone you can take on the massive Commando Course. Will you get your butt handed to you by an 8 year old? That’s a question only my other half can answer Haha! I didn’t have a go myself. I was ‘supervising’ Ezra on another ride (aka still knackered after the indoor play area)! The Arctic Gliders were also a big hit with the bigger boys and the had a few turns on this ride.

The Falconry Centre is home to some magnificent birds of prey. We visited the centre and looked at the birds but chose not to do the display as we didn’t think Ezra would have been able to sit still for a long period. While we were in the centre though we could see a display through the gate and it looked absolutely fantastic so a definite must if you’re children are a little older.

The Zoo Farm is a huge area on its own. With a selection of farm animals, small animals and my favourite Alpacas. There also have a lovely Meerkat retreat and I can watch them for ages they are so cute and funny. Ezra loved the Tractor ride and both younger boys loved the giant pillow.

Happy Meerkat at Woodlands

Those are some of the highlights of our visit. Now here are some tips. We spent a lot of time at the water slides. There is a big hill to walk back up to the top so be prepared for more cardio. You will get wet on those slides without a doubt. The only thing is how wet you will get. I was absolutely soaked from the waist down so wear something that will dry quickly or take a change of clothes if you don’t like being damp. There is a lot of walking so wear suitable footwear for this. It it very hilly in parts so again something to bear in mind. We always take a picnic wherever we go and I always recommend people do this. Therefore we didn’t try any of the food or see their prices. We also always take a pushchair. Mostly to carry the picnic but it was handy here as there was a lot of walking and hills for Ezra’s little legs.

It’s a bit hilly at Woodlands

I would definitely recommend paying a visit here. I thought the price was really reasonable for the amount it has to offer. It also has a little bit of everything to suit the whole family. In one sentence a fabulous day out but my legs were tired!

Let me know any other places that you have visited over the holidays. I’d love to hear all about them.

Love and peace xxx

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