The National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium located in Plymouth houses the largest aquarium in the UK. It started off many years ago and was the first Aquarium in the UK to be set up as a charity and dedicated to education and conservation work. We had to book a 3 hour slot due to the restrictions and there was a one way system in place. Everything was really well organised.

National marine aquarium

The Aquarium is divided into four different zones starting off with the sea life in Plymouth and venturing further around the World’s oceans each time until you finish up in the great Barrier Reef.

I wanted to visit here because I wanted to visit an aquarium but the visit taught me so much more and I took a lot away from it. The Ocean Conservation Trust aims to connect people with the ocean and in our case they did not fail to deliver. So many education posters and videos. The staff were really friendly and very knowledgeable too. They were on hand to ask any questions about the fish or the ocean in general. There were also talks going on in different sections but we didn’t stop because they can’t sit still.

Our favourite section had the sharks, giant turtle and the rays. There is a curved viewing glass so it really feels like the fish are swimming around you. Here is a link to all the different zones you will visit.

The Waves cafe in the aquarium sells hot and cold food and drinks. We didn’t buy food as we had a picnic (not eaten in the cafe) but the slushies were very good value. We ate our picnic outside in the garden area which has beautiful views of the Barbican harbour. There is room for the children to safely have a run about while you refuel.

There is a lovely gift shop where you exit with some beautiful souvenirs. The price range varies but you can get some lovely gifts at a reasonable price.

Definitely a perfect attraction for families with children of all ages. I would also visit as a couple or even on my own. When you buy a ticket you can get free entry for the rest of the year too! We didn’t do this as we live too far away but if I lived closer I would take full advantage of that offer.

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