Wetlands Llanelli Lego Safari

Not to be missed this summer is a fantastic collection of giant Lego creations at the fantastic venue Wetlands Llanelli. It’s there until September 4th.

Wetlands Llanelli Lego Safari
Wetlands Llanelli

When you arrive be sure to collect your map and off you go. I will try not to say too much as I don’t want to give any spoilers but I will give you a few sneak peak pictures

Wetlands Llanelli Lego Safari

While the Lego Safari is an amazing attraction there is so much more going on at Wetlands Llanelli. It’s the perfect open space place for the children to have fresh air and fun. There are so many different species of birds to see and learn about. You can hand feed them at the top section opposite the park.

Wetlands Llanelli

My children love the park and could easily spend ages there. Other activities we enjoyed on the way around were den building, exploring the sensory section and checking out all the different hides. This visit we also made time to try out the canoe safari. This is for an extra charge but absolutely worth it.

Wetlands Llanelli

I definitely recommend you checking it out. It’s fantastic fun for all ages.

*PR visit. All thoughts and views are my honest opinion. The Canoe safari is an extra surcharge that we paid for ourselves.

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