When Lockdown Ends…

This past week has been a struggle. I’m not going to lie. My anxiety is up and down but I can usually manage it quite well. I am missing my wider family, I am missing my friends, I am missing taking the kids to the park and on our little adventures. I’m even missing theContinue reading “When Lockdown Ends…”

Dealing with Anxiety while Self Isolating

Living with anxiety on a day to day basis absolutely sucks balls. If you have anxiety you will know exactly what I mean. However, it seems odd that I am not completely freaking out about the current Coronavirus Pandemic. I mean I am concerned and cautious and following all the guidelines but I am notContinue reading “Dealing with Anxiety while Self Isolating”

Easy Weeknight Family Meals

Hey guys. Hope you’re having a great week. Dinner times used to be my least favourite time of the day. I would struggle to think what to make and often ended up doing the same thing all the time. As our family got bigger and food prices continued to rise I realised that I neededContinue reading “Easy Weeknight Family Meals”

A day in photos

Hey there Secret lifers! I just know you have all been dying to know what i get up to in a day. I mean it’s all exciting here every minute (haha). Here is a day in my life via photos… Wake up looking amazing obviously! Then while I am trying to come around I getContinue reading “A day in photos”

Schools Out For Summer

So it has arrived. And whether you have been eagerly awaiting it or dreading the holidays we all need a little help with what to do with our little darlings for 42 days straight. Here are my 5 top tips to keeping your sanity. 1. Snacks This is the number one thing you need toContinue reading “Schools Out For Summer”

Lollipop baby camera. Review.

We had been putting off moving the little little into the room he is going to share with his big brother for a while. We were a bit worried that big little would wake baba up or that he may try and pick him up if he cried. However, the bab was growing fast andContinue reading “Lollipop baby camera. Review.”

Home made play dough

I’m always on the lookout for great rainy day ideas or any kinds of activities that you can do when you need to stay at home. I live in Wales so it rains A LOT. Here I am going to show you one of our favourite activities -home made play dough. Home made play doughContinue reading “Home made play dough”