When Lockdown Ends…

This past week has been a struggle. I’m not going to lie. My anxiety is up and down but I can usually manage it quite well. I am missing my wider family, I am missing my friends, I am missing taking the kids to the park and on our little adventures. I’m even missing the gym! I have no idea how people in other countries survived a full lockdown as I’m going stir crazy just with our lockdown. I decided to think about what I am going to do when this nightmare is finally over.

Visit my Parents

This is without a doubt the first thing I will do. Currently I drop off shopping once a week and stay outside. I can see them through a window which is a bit nicer than facetime. Quick chat and then I’m off. My sister is sheilding with them which is nice because I get to see her too.

Take the Children to the Park

I am really missing going to the park with them. It really is the little things in life that make it worthwhile isn’t it. Let’s hope that we all exit from this awful situation with a new perspective on life and appreciation for the simple things. It really is true that the best things in life are free.

Go swimming

Another family activity that we all really enjoy is swimming. Big little had just started to really come on with his swimming lessons and little little is part fish so it’s like his natural habitat. I also find it really relaxing and fun.
Arrange a Meet up of Friends

In our group we are all busy with family, work, hobbies etc. Much like people everywhere there are so many things to do. Things get put off or other things come up it’s just the way it was. But life is precious and so is time.

Let the Grandparents have some quality time with the children

They will have missed each other it’s only right that they now have some good quality time together. Plus we have had them all the time for weeks on end and it would be nice to have some adult alone time. Do you think a week would be too long? (Just kidding).

Family Day Out

I don’t know where and I don’t much care but I want to jump in the car, take a picnic and spend the day exploring some new woodland with the famalam.


Hopefully there will be some summer left to do this. I am fortunate we are in walking distance of a beach and the sea but have avoided going down on to the beach for our walks so far. I may even buy some huge inflatables to celebrate with when we do get to spend the day there.

Book a Holiday

I have no idea where to but I am definitely ready to get away from my house for a bit. We have never been abroad as a family and I would love to do that but as a family of 6 it usually works out super pricey. We will see.


I am super chuffed that I found my teacher was doing virtual classes via Facebook but it’s not quite the same in the living room with limited space trying to keep an eye on the tiny screen and little people coming in to poke you.

Browse the middle aisle

I’m still shopping at Aldi but it’s a quick whizz round or sometimes slow depending on social distancing but I am just getting what we need. I am not a huge fan of shopping as it triggers my anxiety but there’s something about that middle aisle isn’t there. What mystery bargains will it have today and what didn’t I know I needed. I miss it!

The list could go on and on in reality couldn’t it. But these are things that I seem to be missing most of all right now. Let me know in the comments what things you are missing the most and what things you are going to do when lockdown is lifted. If you liked this head on over to MamaDoIt to see her bucket list for lockdown end https://mamadoit385504984.wordpress.com/2020/04/19/bucket-list/

I hope you are all managing ok through the lockdown. If anyone is struggling please feel free to message me on Instagram. I am not trained but I am a good listener. Keep safe people. Much love xxx

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