Lollipop baby camera. Review.

We had been putting off moving the little little into the room he is going to share with his big brother for a while. We were a bit worried that big little would wake baba up or that he may try and pick him up if he cried. However, the bab was growing fast and he was out growing the small cot we had in our room. Then I discovered the Lolipop baby camera and it looked so good I just had to try it out. The Lollipop Baby Monitor is a smart and intelligent video based monitor. It is WIFI-based so you can use your phone to access a view of your baby downstairs, outside or even at work.

We ordered through Amazon and it came within a few days. The packaging is so beautiful it would make an ideal gift for a baby shower. The accessories were well organised at the bottom of the box. The lollipop camera itself was made from quality silicone and the tail is flexible and bends to aid installation. A really cute wall mount is also included as are cable holders to prevent the cable tangle issue.

Installation was really straight forward. We downloaded the app and connected the Lollipop baby camera to our phones and that was it. The hardest part for us was choosing where to actually place the camera. I had seen them installed on the cot side which gives a really great view of the sleeping baby at night but we soon found out that Mr fiddle fingers was not going to leave it alone situated there.

Another place we tried to place the camera was on the chest of drawers to the side of the bed but we did think that Big little may want to mess about with it there.

Eventually we decided the best place was to mount it on the wall, which gave a great view of the cot and my older sons bed. The cable holders were really handy keeping the cable tidy and disguised and out of the view of little fingers.

We were so excited the first night we were like big kids! The night vision mode is fantastic and so clear and it can really distinguish between actual crying and other noise. When there is crying a notification is sent to your phone and it is also recorded on the data log if you wanted to check back later. The other feature we absolutely love is the facility for remote music playing or white noise. You can also use this to talk to your baby through the camera (or wind your other half up and pretend there’s a cat in the room). The other great thing about being able to access it through your phone is that when my partner is working an afternoon shift he can still look in on the little children at bedtime.

The Lollipop Baby Monitor is one of my favourite baby things. I wish I had it for my first son and I would definitely recommend it to new parents. It has given me the confidence and peace of mind to be able to have the two boys in the room without the worry of any shenanigans.

Lollipop official website

Instagram @lollipopbabycamera


Purchase your lollipop baby monitor here

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Love and peace xxx

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