Our day at Folly Farm

We do love a good old trip to Folly Farm. Its just about 1 hour from us by car. So Easter Sunday we packed the picnic and off we went. Yeah I know that makes it sound so easy, because as you will know, packing picnics for kids (especially toddlers) requires military level strategic planning! I used my remaining Tesco vouchers to pay in part but as I am now a firm Aldi shopper convert it didn’t quite cover it for the 3 of us. (Baba was free).

The first thing we did when we got there was head over to the big wheel. My big little loves this (as do I except when pregnant with vertigo. Before. Not now.) I am a woman with a plan you see most of the other parents keep the wheel as a treat for the end but I say avoid the queue and go first! Little Baba loved it too.

Next we went to see the penguins. Now we are all big penguin fans and we stayed there for absolutely ages. We figured out that if you wave a wet wipe at the glass the penguins dive down looking for fish. You can also see the beautiful flamingo’s from this spot too. The Lions are situated opposite the penguins but they were nowhere to be seen yet lazy buggers! the Giraffes are nearby too and there is a lovely raised viewing platform overlooking the giraffes and the zebras. Big little was loving the zebras as the youtuber Zebragamer is a firm favourite of his.

The Jolly barn and farm is a lovely area and it it under cover. They have the smaller animals here. Rabbits, guinea pigs, donkeys, chickens and goats. I love the goats! They are just so cute and friendly. There is a walkway through here over to the farm and you can go on a land train. We didn’t do it this time but we have previously and its great fun. There is a daily timetable at the barn where you can meet some of the animals up close and even have the chance to milk a goat. I totally wanted in on that but apparently it was for the kids only (eye roll).

There are plenty of picnic tables outside and there is a large indoor area. I dumped the picnic in there when we arrived as noone wants to be dragging a cool bag around. I haven’t had my food pinched yet anyway ha! It was such a beautiful day we ate outside next to one of the parks. The parks are fabulous by the way. So much exploring and adventure to be had. The first time I saw them I was totally amazed by how cool they were.

After lunch the Mr and the big little had a turn on the go karts. They are so much fun I love them. Me and Baba watched from the side as they whizzed around and Babs was amazed when they were waving as they drove past!

We still had the rest of the zoo to complete and by this time Big little had decided that his legs were too tired and little big no longer wanted to be in the pushchair! It wouldn’t be the perfect family day out without a bloody tantrum now would it. So then this happened….

everyone was temporarily pacified and we carried on to see the meerkats, rhino, camel, leemur and other animals that I cant remember the name of! What is new for this year is they have now got more giant tortoise. We stayed and watched these for a bit. I find them fascinating and these bad boys were massive!! Finally on the way back the lions had made an appearance and I swear they were eyeing the bub up for food!

Ice cream time! and a bit more of a play in another giant park. Bab was loving exploring and Big little and I had a whale of a time going down the curly wurly tube slide. We could have just stayed there all day.

Our little treat we keep for the end is a few rides at the vintage fun fair. We decided that we would all ride the carousel. I haven’t got any pics of us on there but the littles absolutely love loved it. There are quite a lot of rides in there for a range of ages. It is reasonably priced I think but you can easily spend a fortune if you allow yourself to. Just a warning.They have some traditional funfair games too. As if that wasn’t enough they also have a huge indoor adventure playground too, which is free. There are also 2 smaller soft play areas for the smaller littles.

There is so much to do here you need a full day. We didn’t have time this day to check out the sensory area or go across to the farm. We always take a picnic but there are plenty of food places to eat if you want to pay through the nose. The cost of an ice cream is reasonable in my opinion and the coffee is half decent. There are plenty of toilets scattered about if, like me, you have the most pathetic bladder known to man. The toilets are always very clean and they have plenty of changing stations for babies. To exit you have to leave through the shop (well played Foll Farm) but they do have a centre display of cheap tat for a couple of quid if like me you just want to get the hell out of there without a drama. If your young kids can walk through that shop without nagging I salute you! I will drop the link below if you want to check out the website for yourself.


Hope you enjoyed hearing about our day out and find the information useful.We will definitely be back Folly Farm.

Love and peace xx

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