Easter egg-cess

Easter gives me the same uneasy feeling as it does when it comes to Christmas. I see all these lovely posts displaying wonderful Easter bounty or Christmas present piles and I for just a minute I think am I being mean/tight/boring.

You see at Easter we give just 1 egg and maybe a small egg or other chocolate item. We do go all out in other ways. We spend lots of time doing activities and days out and when I step back I realise for us that is where our gift lies. In our presence not our presents. Not that there is anything wrong if that’s your choice. Live and let live I say. But here are some other reasons I thought about cutting back at Easter.


There are massive amounts of sugar in Easter eggs and it wasn’t until I actually looked into it did I realise how much. The maximum amount of sugar per day recommended for children aged 6 is 7 teaspoons.



Did you know that 62% of Easter eggs on sale this year is just packaging? Me neither. Hard to believe when we are trying to be conscious of resources and how much plastic we are using we are having a mountain just from Easter eggs. I know I’m sounding a bit preachy preachy in this post and I hate that but I also like to think about what I am doing and why I do it.


Is that even a word? If not it should be. As hard as I try to make sure I bring my kids up right every now and then something comes out of their mouth that makes them sound entitled. It makes me inwardly scream. Mainly my 6 year old. I think it’s just an age thing with him (at least I hope it is) I don’t want him to think he can just get x, y and z. Sure he gets plenty of things handed to him but he also has to earn other things as a reward.


There are many times I feel a pang of guilt because of the good old compare and despair of social media. I am getting so much better now at not giving a crap and I find blogging my thoughts helps me too. This child rearing gig is really hard isn’t it. You love your kids so much you want to give them everything but in turn you don’t want them growing up to be entitled little asshats.

By the way the baby didn’t get an Easter egg at all but he was really happy to be my blog model!

Over and out, love and peace xx


  1. I had a similar conversation with my husband regarding Easter. I feel like we live in a time where kids correlate most holidays anymore with receiving gifts. It’s very sad honestly. We try to keep things simple in my house as well, so you are not alone. You’re doing good momma 🙂

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