Dealing with Anxiety while Self Isolating

Living with anxiety on a day to day basis absolutely sucks balls. If you have anxiety you will know exactly what I mean. However, it seems odd that I am not completely freaking out about the current Coronavirus Pandemic. I mean I am concerned and cautious and following all the guidelines but I am notContinue reading “Dealing with Anxiety while Self Isolating”

Lollipop baby camera. Review.

We had been putting off moving the little little into the room he is going to share with his big brother for a while. We were a bit worried that big little would wake baba up or that he may try and pick him up if he cried. However, the bab was growing fast andContinue reading “Lollipop baby camera. Review.”


I never set out with the intention of co-sleeping. I naively thought that I would just pop the baby into the Moses basket and off he would go to sleep, right? The last time I had a decent night sleep was sometime in 2012. My first son was born by C section in September 2012.Continue reading “Co-sleeping”