Coronavirus. My Top 5 things to Stockpile

With all the media coverage about Coronavirus and stories on the internet about people stockpiling toilet roll and hand sanitizer I though I would share my thoughts as to what I feel we should be prioritising and keeping quantities of at home in the event that we should have to self quarantine for 14 days.Continue reading “Coronavirus. My Top 5 things to Stockpile”

Parenting. Expectations Vs Reality

Before getting pregnant and having kids I had an idea in my head of how it would all be. I guess we all do. It’s kind of funny when I look back how naive I actually was. Was I in for a wake up call! Early pregnancy I had imagined I would be all happyContinue reading “Parenting. Expectations Vs Reality”

The Decade that Changed my Life 2010-2020

Being the end of a decade it has made me reflect on the changes in my life over the past ten years. My life now is pretty much unrecognisable from that of ten years ago. Come join me for a trip down memory lane won’t you? 2010 Party girl This year was absolutely rammed fullContinue reading “The Decade that Changed my Life 2010-2020”

A day in photos

Hey there Secret lifers! I just know you have all been dying to know what i get up to in a day. I mean it’s all exciting here every minute (haha). Here is a day in my life via photos… Wake up looking amazing obviously! Then while I am trying to come around I getContinue reading “A day in photos”

My 15 Must Haves

We all love to know what other people can’t live without right? Well us guys at The Weekly Bloggers group are going to share ours with you. Here is mine. Other than the first 2 it’s in no particular order. Coffee How does anyone function without caffeine let alone a parent of small children. ThisContinue reading “My 15 Must Haves”

Schools Out For Summer

So it has arrived. And whether you have been eagerly awaiting it or dreading the holidays we all need a little help with what to do with our little darlings for 42 days straight. Here are my 5 top tips to keeping your sanity. 1. Snacks This is the number one thing you need toContinue reading “Schools Out For Summer”

Types of Mum

I have been frequenting soft play areas for a number of years now. As such I have had time to observe the many different types of people who also go to these places. Below are a description of the main groups I have noted. The label mums These mums are dressed head to toe inContinue reading “Types of Mum”