My 15 Must Haves

We all love to know what other people can’t live without right? Well us guys at The Weekly Bloggers group are going to share ours with you. Here is mine. Other than the first 2 it’s in no particular order.


How does anyone function without caffeine let alone a parent of small children. This needs no further explanation.

Dry shampoo

Praise the lord for the inventor of this stuff because prior to using this I had to use talc on my greasy mop. I once went to an evening gathering after working all day. Shoved a bit of talc on my hair to make it look tidier. It was only later looking at the pictures I could see a line of white in my parting.

Day cream

I love a good day moisturiser with a decent SPF. My skin gets quite dry on my forehead at times especially if I dont use a good cream. Currently I’m using Aldi Lacura day cream. They have a decent range for all budgets and this one is mid range. Even the most expensive is less than £10!

Slow cooker

With both of us working and 6 people to feed we cannot live without our slow cooker. We cook absolutely loads of things in it from joints of meat to casseroles and my clever Hubster has even made fudge in there! If you’ve never cooked a chicken in one then you must!

Bling flip flops

I love a jazzy pair of flip flops. It can dress an outfit up or down. Paint those toe nails, whack them on and you’re good to go. (Switch for boots in the winter).


If I don’t wear it I look ill. I used to love Benefit Bad Gal mascara but since having kids I can’t afford high end make up now (or even mid range sometimes) so I have been on a mission to find the best budget mascara not much money can buy. The Aldi mascara is fantastic. My current one has almost dried up but next time they are in store I am bulk buying! Not on a par with Benefit sadly but at least as good as Maybelline in my opinion.

Positive Wellbeing Zine

I was so lucky to have won a giveaway earlier in the year and one of the prizes was a years subscription to the zine. When I know it’s due I absolutely can’t wait for it to come through the door. It focuses on all things motherhood and wellbeing and its now part of my self care. I am going to sign up for a subscription when my giveaway prize comes to an end. Go take a look at the website here. Or the @isabella_and_us Instagram page


We have a couple of chip fans here and this is the healthiest way I have found to cook them. But this is not only good for cooking chips. It will do mini pizzas, bacon, all the beige foods you can think of and we have even roasted a chicken in there. It’s basically a mini oven.

Lip balm

I’m not one for a whole lot of make up but I do like a good tinted lip balm. At the moment I’m loving this red colour from Maybelline. It’s a few years old now and I found it in a handbag last year so I’ve no idea if it’s still available.

Fifi and Friends Bottom Butter

Ok so this one isn’t strictly for me but I love it so much. We were kindly gifted a travel kit at the start of summer which contained this product. I’ve used it on my youngest son over the summer and his skin is in perfect condition despite the heat/sandy nappies/sweat.

Mobile phone

Well duh, I mean that’s a must have for everyone right? True. I particularly love my Huawei phone because of the awesome camera on it. I love taking pictures. I actually have thousands on my phone. My partner thinks it’s ridiculous. He’s probably right! I’m not gonna change though. Also, now that Huawei have fixed the glitch that were knocking my Instagram stories out of sync I can say I 100% love my phone. Huawei all is forgiven and sorry for tagging you in my stories daily for weeks on end.

Face masks

Part of my self care routine but something I have fallen out of routine with over the school summer holidays. Time to get back to it. Maybe i will do a #wellbeingwednesday in my stories.


I am a mother. No further explanation needed.


I used to love diving into a good book but since having the children my concentration has gone. I have discovered Podcasts. I have listened to a few different ones but my hands down favourite is Tova and Mike Leigh #nailedit podcast. It actually started back this week after the summer break. I love to listen in the bath. Also on my list is the Isabella and us podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet but hopefully in the next day or two. You can listen to them here.

Weeride bike seat

If you love going out cycling as a family and you have very small children then this seat is absolutely fantastic! It feels so much safer having the little in front of you and between your arms. Plus we also use a tag a long bike so Daddy can manage both of the smallest kids easily.

That concludes my 15 Must Haves. Let me know in the comments what you think of my list and let me know what would go on your list. Make sure you subscribe not to miss any of my blogs.

Love and peace xxx

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CRUNCHY ON THE OUTSIDE, SOFT ON THE INSIDE. That probably sums me up perfectly. I haven't written an about me since I joined a dating site in 2009. That wasn't my header for that site by the way! Anyway, that was a lifetime ago in another world (thankfully). But I still feel tongue-tied (type-tied?) as to what to put in this section. I would love it to flow and sound like I am some kind of pro, I have even googled what makes a good about me but in all honesty I am just a mum trying to write about my life to help me make sense of it all. I am a mum to 4 fabulous children. I gave birth to 2 of them and a bonus 2 ❤️. The Gamer is 16, the Princess is 12, the Minion is 6 and the Munchkin is almost 1. Things i write about are things that inspire me, some things will hopefully be funny, I will also write about my journey through post-natal depression with anxiety and what has helped me. I hope you enjoy my blog. I am one of Mybump2babys favourite bloggers

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