How Not to make Pumpkin Slime

I am part of a fantastic blogging group on Instagram. It was the idea of Sally @particleparenting to get together, share ideas, help and support each other. Last month seven of us contributed to her blog on Half Term Activities. It was great fun sharing ideas and picking up new activities to try myself. I also discovered some great new blogs. You should totally check out Sally’s blog by the way it’s fab.

One of the ideas I liked came from @motherofallthatisperry was to make some pumpkin slime. You can find her blog about Mid Term activities here because she also has some really great ideas for activities. Now the day I was looking for the Pumpkin Slime recipe I was having some technical issues so ended up googling for a recipe. I chose this Pumpkin slime recipe as it looked really great.

Now the recipe recommended Elmer’s glue and I thought it probably wasn’t that important but it turns out it apparently was. That was probably my first mistake. I had bought clear PVA glue but not Elmer’s. Anyhoo, I followed the instructions on the post and we made a gooey type substance but it wasn’t particularly like slime.

Ok. So, I started to deviate from the recipe. Whacking in loads of glue…nope, no good. Add more liquid starch….nope not that either, until we ran out of both and still didn’t have slime. Then I had a genius idea. We will add cornflour. I mean it makes ooblek so therefore will make slime. You can’t fault my logic! One full box of cornflour and we still did not have slime although it was a slightly thicker consistency of goo.

My next ‘genius’ idea was to add flour. I use flour in my home made playdough recipe so it could work….right?In it went. A whole large bag of self raising flour. The kids were in their element just adding all this random stuff to make a big sticky mess but alas we still did not have slime. It resembled more of a sticky cement and it was everywhere! This was the point where I realised that I should have followed the instructions (not my first offence officer).

Well the children were happy with their pumpkin cement so I guess my job was done. Well not quite because of course I still had all the cleaning up to do. They wanted to keep it for a couple of days so I popped some in a tub with the lid on. That was probably my last error. I guess with the heat and it being self raising flour it had started to expand and leak out of the tub. Luckily I think I just caught it in time!

My mission was not to waste the innards of the pumpkin and I guess I didn’t as it was a fun activity for them even though it didn’t turn out as we had hoped. We did also manage to toast some pumpkin seeds with some garlic salt which were delicious!

I have been reminded of a very important lesson though… ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Love and peace xxx

P.S this isn’t an ad for Elmer’s glue. I’ve never tried it.