October Half Term

Hey you guys! I had BIG plans for October half term particularly after getting together and sharing blog ideas with a group of other bloggers. I was excited to write it all up and let you know what fun things we got up to! However my littlest was really poorly so we didn’t get much done. I will tell you what happened with little little and show you what we did end up doing.

Friday before the school holidays started we took little little to soft play. I like to take a day off before the holidays start so I get some time just with him. He had a cough for the past few weeks but was fine in himself. We were having a great time. You would never have thought 24 hours later we would be in the hospital with him as poorly as he was.

Sometimes the hubster has to work a sleep shift where he goes in at 4pm and finishes at 10am the next morning. That’s the shift he was doing that night. The little was very restless and by 9.30 he had a really high temperature so I brought him downstairs to keep an eye on him. He was so hot over 40°c, he was shivering and then vomited. I gave him some medicine and tried to cool him down. When he had settled a bit I took him off to bed. His cough basically kept waking him every 30 mins so by 4.30am I gave up trying to sleep and brought him back downstairs. By 7am I noticed he was breathing more heavily and heard a slight wheeze. By 8.30am I was on the phone to the out of hours GP and booked for 10.30. As I dressed him I noticed that he had started struggling and was sucking his stomache in a bit. The GP also noticed that issue on examination and arranged for him to be seen on the paediatric unit at the General Hospital. He had a lower respiratory tract infection which was causing him difficulty in breathing. The Dr said it was probably a virus and the treatment was inhalers. He had to have 10 puffs of inhaler. He had this treatment hourly and couldn’t be discharged until he could go 4 hours between inhalers. The inhaler really helped but you could tell when the hour was coming to an end as the wheeze and cough started back up.

Late that night he managed 4 hours and we were allowed home with rapid access to return if there were any problems. He did fairly well until Sunday night where he was really unwell again and I was having to give the inhaler 3 hourly. We saw the Dr again Monday morning and he was started on antibiotics and steroids and told to increase the inhalers. After a day or so on that regime he slowly started to perk up and by Wednesday we were seeing a glimpse of the cheeky Ezra we are used to.

I did manage to get big little out for a bit of fresh air on Tuesday at Burry Port Harbour Park. We love it down there and it was a beautiful day for it.

That was also the night that we carved our pumpkins.

And the night we did not make pumpkin slime. You can find that blog here.

On the Wednesday I took the middle two children to Limitless which is a inflatable and trampoline park. I of course paid for a pass for myself as we all know I’m the biggest kid! I have never been before and it was fantastic. I would definitely recommend going. That particular day they also had reptiles on display there.

Check me out holding a snake!

Thursday was Halloween so we all dressed up to take the littles trick or treating. Ezra was much better so we bundled him up in the pushchair and took him out. He loved seeing all the other children and people greeting him from the doors.

We had a chilled weekend and caught up on lots of neglected housework. We did manage to bake a cake though.

Our final day was on the Monday and as a treat we took the two smallest off to the play area. It was little littles first time on the inflatable play section and he absolutely loved it! It was so nice to see him all better and running around.

So that was our half term. Completely different to what I had planned but sometimes you have got to just roll with it.Let me know in the comments what you got up to over half term, I would love to know.

Love and peace xxx