Christmas Traditions

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great week so far! I have been thinking lots this week about Christmas traditions and how we don’t really have any set Christmas traditions since we became a blended family. I think we both had our own separate Christmas traditions but now it’s time we came up with some new Christmas traditions for us as a whole.

Part of the difficulty in setting a Christmas tradition is that we alternate Christmas day and Boxing day for my partner’s children. Last year it was our year to have Christmas with them on Boxing day. As the 2 littlest aren’t really bothered about Christmas dinner and we didn’t really want to do a whole Christmas dinner twice we decided last year that on Christmas day we would forget about Christmas dinner and do the full Christmas dinner trimmings on Boxing day when we were all together.

We cooked the turkey and beef on Christmas Eve so we would have the smell in the house and cold cuts of meat. We also cooked some buffet food to have on Christmas Day. It was so much more relaxing not having to worry about getting the dinner done. My family came around to give gifts and we just enjoyed their company without having to dive back and fore to the kitchen. We could just enjoy playing with the children.

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the lake which is just across the road from us and called into the family friendly pub on the lake for a couple of beverages. It was lovely and quiet in there as their lunch customers had gone home. I don’t think we actually are a meal all day just grazed from the buffet we had made. I think it was my best Christmas ever!

On Boxing day the 6 of us were together and we had our traditional Christmas dinner that day. I think it was also the best Boxing day ever too. It was also very relaxed and we played some games after food.

So I really want to start some traditions this year for us. I would really like to stick to not doing the dinner on Christmas Day. I also think a walk to feed the ducks Christmas afternoon is a keeper. I’ve never done a Christmas Eve box but we do get new PJ’s for Christmas Eve so I’m thinking of doing PJ’s, sweets and hot chocolate and watching a family Christmas movie ( Aldi chocolate liqueur for the grown ups).

I’d love to hear about the traditions you have at Christmas time. Let me know in the comments what traditions you have.

Love and peace xxx