We’re all going on a (budget) summer holiday part 2

If you were here last week then you will be up to date on the first part of this blog which is about our summer holiday. If you’re new you can catch up to it here.

Day 3

Another rain free day. Were we actually in Wales?! It wasn’t very sunny to start out so we decided it was going to be an exploring day rather than just a beach day. We had a light breakfast and set off to the nearby hamlet of Wiseman’s Bridge. This week’s tip 1 is about car parking. It is always worth looking into the charges of car parks before you go if you can because some prices are simply ludicrous. The parking at Wiseman’s Bridge is free. It’s a quaint little place with a small shop and The Wiseman’s Bridge Inn which is a pub and caravan and camping site. The parking is a stone throw from the beach itself. It’s a great explorers beach with lots of pebbles and rockpools. This was our first beach of the day but we didn’t go down to the beach. Our plan was to walk over to Saundersfoot along the coastal path through the series of tunnels through which a narrow gauge railway once travelled carrying coal from the local mines to Saundersfoot Harbour. The views are beautiful along the coastal path and the children loved going through the tunnel!

When you come through the first tunnel you arrive at Coppet Hall Beach. Beach 2 of the day. Another excellent beach with rock pools and a couple of caves to explore. When I was a child there wasn’t anything there other than the beach (maybe an ice cream van?) but in recent years they have added the beach centre that offers watersports and has a cafe. There are outdoor showers here and changing areas as well as toilets. (If you know, you know). There is a reasonable size car park there too and just £4 for a full days parking.

Through a couple more smaller tunnels and along the coastal path you come into Saundersfoot itself. I have always loved Saundersfoot and recall many family trips and holidays here. My plan for the day was to find a Greg’s/bakery place and have a light lunch. This was a bit of a fail as we couldn’t find one. So tip 2 is to check what is in the place you are going. Where doesn’t have a Gregs eh? Funnily enough it ended up being the most expensive spend out on food the whole visit. They were delicious baguettes however! Saundersfoot is typical seaside town with rock shops and shops selling souvineers. It’s so pretty. We went down onto the beach and set up camp. The tide way a ways out but there was a small stream half way down which the children had fun using their nets to catch fish…or cover themselves in sand!

We walked back along the coastal path and the adventurous ones of us decided to climb down to the beach and race the incoming tide (not as risky as it sounds!)


We had to get the 2 middle kids up halfway as we weren’t sure how they would manage at the corner so Dad and our eldest finished the walk

We headed back and it was pretty late the little little was absolutely full of sand. There was no hope of trying to clean it off so tip 3 if they are small enough stick them in the sink and bath them!

We made an amazing tea of burger and chips. Tip 4 and to be honest this is a tip for life not just holidays but get an airfryer….then take it on your caravan holiday. Trying to do chips for 2 people in a caravan is a pain so for a family of 6 it would have taken all day! Seriously it’s a game changer! This is my one and it’s a big one it was on sale on Amazon at about £90 but I would never be without it now (not an ad).

Day 5

When we woke on our last day we couldn’t believe our luck it was brilliant sunshine again, which could only mean one thing BEACH! We headed back to Tenby to spend the day at the North/Castle beach. Another childhood favourite of mine. We parked in the same car park that I talked about in part 1. It was a little bit further to walk this time but not really a big problem. When we arrived at the beach we set up at the side of the rocks near to a cave to explore and with a great view of the castle.

The Hubster headed back into town on a secret mission to get a dinghy. The children were so excited and played in it for ages. Even little little had a go and it was pretty much like white water rafting for him! img_20190802_1524517642063177727497213.jpg

We had our picnic (wasn’t risking it again) and we explored some nearby caves which were really cool.

img_20190802_1616146318387411297020781.jpgThere tide had started to come in around the castle island before we had a chance to explore the cave there so the Hubster just took the 3 older children for a look. It was pretty impressive judging by the pics our eldest took.Screenshot_20190813_122129

Time as always goes to fast when you’re having fun and we had to head back. It was getting late and as it was our last night we treated ourselves to dinner at the Woodland Vale clubhouse. Very reasonably priced and really good food.   I even treated myself to a Gin while the children played the slots. Which brings me finally to tip 5. Try and keep a bit of cash back for the final day if you can to try and make it extra special. Our lot haven’t had a dinghy before so they thought it was awesome. They also love it when we are able to treat them to a meal out. Big smiles all around.

We had an absolutely fantastic time and we really wished we had booked to stay longer. I really hope the children will think back on these holidays as fondly as I do my own childhood holidays.

Let me know some of your holiday memories below. If you liked this let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to get me straight to your inbox.

Love and peace xx

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