Wetland Centre Llanelli. Days out.

We visited the WWT Wetland centre over the first May bank holiday. It’s a good place for our younger children although I think the older 2 would have enjoyed had they been with us.

When you arrive you can buy some birdseed at one of the desks. The bag is pretty big so one should be enough. Remember that regular food is not suitable for the birds so please if you want to feed them get the birdseed.

As you exit the visitor centre you come straight to a small park. Both the littles were loving it in there as you can see! We did have a bit of a job steering them out because there is quite a lot to walk around.

The paths on the whole are good for pushchairs and wheelchairs. There is a small area at the bottom where you can explore through a marsh type area and this is only suitable on foot. We didn’t do it this day but I did it before when my son was about 4. I wouldn’t attempt it with smaller children.

As you go around there a different sections of birds from different areas of the world. There are signs around giving you the description so it is also a learning opportunity. On the whole the birds are pretty friendly and one type (I have forgotten the name already) were gentle enough to eat from our hands.

We stopped at the observatory for a look but also had our picnic in there. There are binoculars and a bird book in there for you to spot the types of birds your observing. There is a cafe on site if you wanted to buy something but we always take a picnic.

I think the favourite area of the day was unanimously the den building area. Here you could use the sticks and branches provided to build a den. The big little loved it. I think he would have stayed all day!

They also has this cool frog thingy that sounded like a frog when you stroked the stick down its back. Very cool!

Further along was a small obstacle course type area. Little little was a bit small but he was just happy wandering free in a safe environment. Big little had lots of fun trying out the tight rope. Check out the video!

We also found a smaller park with a picnic area. And another den building woodland area.

We covered the main area this day but there is a huge area we didn’t and I think you can probably take your bikes down that way. It’s so pretty there and peaceful walking around…well peaceful until you come to the Flamingos!

They are so pretty! But also quite noisy! And a bit smelly!

We returned along the path and back to the visitor centre. In total we were there about 3.5 hours but you could definitely make your stay longer if you wanted.

Back inside we headed over to another area which is at the back of the building. Now I can’t remember what it is called but I call it the rainbow Room. You can see why ..

They have a few science type things going on in there. In school holidays they often have activities set up too. All in all we did have a fun day with lots of outdoor play and fresh air. I do think the entry fee is quite expensive for what it is but if you take a picnic there are no extra costs inside.

Let me know what places you like to visit and if there is anywhere you would like me to check out and review for you. If you find this helpful please like the post and don’t forget to subscribe.

Love and peace xx

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