Local lockdown rules

If you have been following me on Instagram you will have probably seen my huge rant about getting put back into local lockdown last Saturday. If not you can see my rant here. Well I’m still bloody annoyed about the whole thing.

To catch you up if you haven’t seen it. Basically there have been a few pubs in my town that have not been complying with the Covid guidance. There have been several outbreaks associated with these establishments due to people socialising and not social distancing. That has given my town a higher percentage of positive Covid cases, more than 3 times the national average in Wales for that week. Well done Llanelli. You have truly outdone yourself this time and became the first town only, rather than county to be put into lockdown.

So what are the rules under a local lockdown you ask? (Wales)

Really there is not that much difference except we can’t leave Llanelli and we can’t mix households. That doesn’t seem so bad I hear you say. Well that depends really. For me I’m really angry about it. My parents live 2 towns away so I can’t travel to see them. They were our extended household but that is suspended in local lockdown areas so I would be unable to enter the house yet again. The grandchildren miss out on spending time in their house and most importantly the hugs and kisses. I understand why this has to be done and I will follow the instructions.

However what baffles me is all the things I AM still able to do, albeit in my area only. I can go to work. I’m a nurse so that’s standard and I’ve worked all through but if I was unable to work from home whatever my job I could go to work. I could even leave the lockdown area to go to work. I can go shopping for non essentials. I can browse Primark, nip into Debenhams, Boots. Lovely. I could go to the gym ( well if it wasn’t a field hospital) but the other gyms are open. I can go to soft play with my children. I can even go to the pub, how insane is that? I can go out on the lash but I can’t have a cuppa with my mum.

I don’t know about other areas but there have been a few pub shut downs in my area for not complying with guidance. I don’t blame the landlords. Managing a bunch of drunk people is tricky even under the best circumstances. Alcohol lowers inhibition. I think closing them would solve a lot of problems. I know there are issues financially but I think that’s for the government to figure out.

Anyway, not much I can do but wait it out in Coronavirus jail. I’ve written this post over the course of a week as I was raging and wanted to calm down a bit. Looks like we are staying in lockdown at least for the next few weeks. I was hoping for an autumn break but that’s uncertain now too. My anxiety is just crazy right now and it makes it super difficult to self care. This Corona thing is a right pain in the arse right?! Oh well, Gin and Tik Toks are back on them boys!

Love and peace xxx

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