Manor Wildlife Park. Family Day Out

We rounded up our summer holidays with a visit to Manor Wildlife Park. We have visited several times before but I was really excited this time as it’s the first time for us to take Ezra when he would really understand and interact with the animals. We booked a slot in advance in line with their Covid measures.My first stop is always the toilet! I was also really happy to see they have added extra toilets around the park to help with social distancing. The boys were thrilled because this meant they could play on the large green at the front of the main building. There was a large bouncy castle set up and the magnificent dragon is a permanent fixture. I think they would have been happy just to stay there all day.We headed back to the animals and saw the red pandas. If you haven’t seen one they are just the cutest thing! Next on to the Wallabies where you can walk through their area and feed them with Wallaby food bought from the entrance gate. The staff present were really friendly and helpful and told us the names of the Wallabies and which were likely to come and eat from our hands if we sat for a bit. Ezra was absolutely in awe of these beautiful creatures hopping around us.We ventured on and saw the Camels, Zebra and another favourite the Southern White Rhinos. TOP TIP be sure to check the map so you plan your route to go down the steep hill. It is clearly marked on the map and that route will take you nicely to the Valley of the apes where you can see Steve and his family monkeying around.The trail continues on to the magnificent Sumatran Tigers Jaya and Terima. Such beautiful animals. The park is currently part of the Sumatran tiger European breeding programme, working to safeguard the future of the most enigmatic of species. We decided to have a quick bite to eat at the Domes. We had a picnic as usual but the cafe were running a click and collect service to eat outdoors. I must say the pizza and prosecco offer was very tempting though! In the domes there is a giant inflatable play area one side and a huge soft play adventure playground over the other side. They had staff managing the numbers due to Covid guidelines and it wasn’t to crowded at all. I went in for a sit down but ended up chasing Ezra round the soft play which was exhausting!After our ‘rest’ we headed back to the main house and over to the smaller animals. Isaac and Ezra both fell in love with the giant rabbits. They are so cute. You can go in with them and stroke them. They are really tame. I’m not going to lie I wanted to take them all home!You can enter into the Lemur enclosure too. They were very playful this day. The staff member was very friendly and was giving lots of information to the visitors. The Lemur kept themselves to themselves this day but when I have visited before I sat on a bench and they all came over to make friends with me. Through to another personal favourite area the African village. You can wander with the goats, sheep and chicken. The goats and sheep are super friendly and will come over for you to stroke them. Isaac has always loved this area from when he was 2 and I can see it’s going to be a firm favourite with Ezra too. When you exit the area you arrive at the Meerkats. There is also a small play park opposite.I really love the vibe at Manor Wildlife Park. It’s got a really chilled feel about it and doesn’t feel as manic as some of the other places we go to. What I particularly like though is that you can see the animals welfare is really a priority here. They have always had handwashing stations around the park because of the animal interaction but there are also additional Covid measures such as lots of hand sanitiser available. We can’t wait to visit next time.Love and peace xx

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