Secret Hashtag club

I was given access to the Secret Hashtag Club website for 3 weeks in order to review the service. This is my honest review. [AD]It’s a funny old game that Instagram game. One day you were ticking over nicely and then boom! The infamous Algorithm was implemented and accounts found they weren’t being seen as they used to. This affected may of us and it made me realise I had to play my Instagram game better. Work smarter, not harder.I saw the opportunity to join Sarah’s Secret Hashtag Club and I was so grateful to get the chance to review the website.The Instagram Academy section has 45 lessons on managing your Instagram. Sarah advises you watch them all to maximise your growth and success. I watched quite a few but unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the full academy. They were really useful and packed with tips.There is an extensive hashtag library. There are over 30,000 hand picked and targeted hashtags. The library is regularly checked for banned hashtags. The handy filter allows you to easily select relevant hashtags and make your hashtag list.There is a section on feature hashtags, weekly and monthly hashtags, subject hashtags and community hashtags and hashtag challenges.In the tools section you can find help with creating you content. So there is a content calender, ideas for posts and you can even run your own Instagram audit. It is in this section that you can submit a request for a hashtag to be uploaded to the library.There is a members only Facebook group where Sarah delivers many useful videos to help you with your journey. There is also a section on the site with a link for PR and influencers platforms.The website is an amazing wealth of information for anyone wishing to grow their Instagram. I personally found it so helpful and there were lots of things that I hadn’t really ever considered before. The hashtag library is amazing. I have seen my reach increase massively through the hashtags.Thank you Sarah for the opportunity to access the website. I have learned so much from you.So guys…how is your hashtag game? If you’re in a rut this course is definitely something worth looking at.Love and peace xxx

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