Lockdown. Day 1354278

Well hello there secret lifers. Long time no write. In case you hadn’t noticed we have been living in a crazy world this past couple of months and I have somewhat had my hands full and been much busier than usual. I have seen all these amazing people posting about the new skills they are learning on lockdown. Between work and family and trying not to lose my freaking mind I haven’t really had time for any of these remarkable feats, learning new languages or how to do origami but I thought I would give you a little peek as to what I have been getting up to.

I learned a new skill
Tik Tok is basically saving my sanity with its silliness. It’s my escape from the real world. Instagram is a lovely place but sometimes I don’t want to see all the amazing things you can do with your kids because it makes me feel guilty that I can’t because I’m in work or too knackered. Facebook is like the house of bloody commons. TikTok is just nonsense and I love it.
Here is my profile if you want to see what I get up to over there https://vm.tiktok.com/TPoTuj/
I became a teacher
I should use that term very loosely. Ok teachers you have a whole new level of respect from me. I struggle to get 1 child to do a bit of literacy work never mind 30. Maths we fly through but heaven forbid I need him to write a sentence. It’s like pulling teeth except much more painful (for me).

I expanded my cooking skills
Ok this is not completely accurate. But I have cooked a lot more. Why do children need to eat so much. They are like hobbits with their second breakfasts and elevenses. I’m basically someone’s snack bitch now and the kitchen never freaking closes.I have exercised
I was full of ideas that I would be working out from home and doing virtual classes but in the real world that just hasn’t worked for me. Having a 7 year old jump on your back while you are attempting a down facing dog is ever so slightly off putting. We have enjoyed going for a walk every day though and now the weather is better we can get out on the bikes too.

I Have Cleaned

…and then cleaned some more. I’m fed up of cleaning now though, like seriously. My house looks like Smyth’s toys exploded in my living room. Most days I come home from work and it’s like that. It’s like groundhog Day. On the plus side when the floor is covered with toys you can’t see the crumbs.
I increased my fluid intake

If drinking gin in the kitchen on a Saturday night counts that is. Staying in really is the new going #outout. I have been to 2 Tova Leigh virtual shows, joined the quiz with cookie crumble and I’m winging it too and had a girls night via video calling. I’m quite enjoying myself actually!
So there you have it. What I have been up to. Hope you are all well. I would love to know what things you guys have been up to. Let me know in the comments.

Love and peace xxx


  1. Love this, I was furloughed for a few weeks and did start crocheting but since being back to work and still homeschooling I find I haven’t really any spare time for my things.

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  2. A lovely read that has made me smile! I am loving tik tok too! But I really don’t have the courage to post anything! Your doing great!

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  3. My life hasn’t really changed during lockdown, I work for the NHS and because I have autism I don’t like socialising anyway, so it’s a relief!

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  4. Tv viewing, reading. Have been missing seeing / visiting loved ones. Which can be a challenge for us all. As we aim to protect others, etc. Friends and acquaintances :- again what a change. As each individual varies in regards to their risk factor /s, etc. Nice to see folks when out for exercise. Animal life :- Dogs lovely to see. Whether viewed from the window, or seen outdoors. Oweners being responsible, dog being good in behaviour / training. Yet looking over, likely longing to say ‘hello ‘ :- Would usually be a friendly chat and stroke of dog ( with owners permission).

    Birds, so nice to see and hear them. Some things continue. Most of us are longing for easing up of lockdown, and eradication of Coronavirus (covid 19), if possible.

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  5. I learnt how to bribe my children with food so that they do some school work. I became a teacher and it nearly killed me, I am still a teacher and I am learning Maths and English etc all over again haha

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  6. Our gamer is 15 stays up until stupid o’clock (gets back up after we have gone to bed – until we hear him and kick him back off). His school is putting out very little for him to do and he is at a very important age, so frustrating. Not easy to self school secondary kids when you don’t know the curriculum.

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  7. I’ve been working all the way through but I have enjoyed the weekends as my teenagers are so bored that they actually want to spend time with me!! We have been going for walks, playing card games and even doing jigsaw puzzles!

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  8. I started cleaning but lost the urge. I started baking but lost the urge. I started dieting but lost the urge…basically, I’m a failure!

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