Bluestone, West Wales family holiday. Top tips.

We were all really sad to have to pack up and leave our lovely lodge on the last day. However we were still able to use all the resort facilities until 4pm. We decided to spend the morning in the adventure centre, have a spot of lunch in the Woodland cafe and then head back home in the afternoon.

Top tips for families at Bluestone

  • There are excellent self catering facilities. If you are on a budget I would make good use of them.
  • You are only allowed to drive on site to unload your car and to reload on the day of departure (unless you are disabled). Bring your shopping with you if you can
  • The dishwasher is a real treat for a holiday lodge. Bring a couple of extra tabs (they supply 2).
  • It’s Wales so even in summer bring waterproofs and wellies. You may not need them but you will be glad if you do.
  • There are golf carts and bikes available to hire. The golf carts were best part of £100 to hire. We didn’t hire one. It was just as easy for us to walk to be honest and even when it was raining it really wasn’t that bad. There is a land train that regularly alternates between the village and the Adventure Centre/Blue Lagoon throughout the day and evening.
  • If you happen to have a spare £100 cash though definitely look at the activities available. I recommend you do this and book them before you go if you can. We wanted to book something while we were there but didn’t realise that the activities are not always every day (possibly different peak time).
  • You can take a picnic to eat in the Serendome or Adventure Centre if you are on a budget. As a large family we always are! There are places to eat in the village but we didn’t go to any this time or last time. The food in the Woodland cafe was very good but the best value for money I thought was the street food in the Serendome. The burger and chips was fantastic and a really good price that wouldn’t break the bank for a big family.

That’s all I can think of right now although I may come back and add more later. If you want any further information you can visit the Bluestone website alternatively I am always happy for you to send me a direct message me on Instagram.

Happy trails folks xx

AD|We were invited to stay at Bluestone as part of the Bluestone bloggers program. The stay was gifted. All food and extra activities were paid for by ourselves. As always all the thoughts and opinions contained in this blog are my own.