Bluestone, West Wales. Family holiday day 4

We all wanted to visit the Blue Lagoon again today. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon swimming. I was very excited to get Big little on the water slides and he actually loved them so much. I was mostly excited because it meant I could go on the slides more than I am usually able to. Me and the Mr are a pair of big kids honestly! There are 4 slides. One long slide, 2 slides that are completely dark and one slide that goes outside. The outdoor slide is so cool. It’s like being in rapids but there are 2 levels of outdoor pools you can step off into. These are amazing in the summer by the way. I didn’t fancy freezing my nips off in January but the hubster did. He went down twice so can’t have been that bad!

We often pack picnics and try to self cater as much as possible to save a bit of money and because the littles can be a bit picky. However we decided to try out the street food area in the Serendome this day. I had a burger with toppings and chips for £7.95. It was real good value for money and so tasty! It’s the most terrible food picture ever because I couldn’t wait to dive into it! It did not disappoint.

We had booked the Starchitects show for that evening at the Cloud Theatre in the Serendome. A fun filled family show of the tale of five adventurers journey to the moon. There was circus dance, acrobatics and wonderful music. We were all enthralled plus anything that can make little little sit still for 1 whole hour must be truly sensational! If you’re going I highly recommend you book this. The theatre is in the Serendome so you will want to dress for the season. You may even want to take a blanket to be extra cosy. I felt comfortable in just my coat but I did have the little munchkin on my lap who was like a tiny hot water bottle.

We strolled back after the show to spend our last night at the lodge. It had been such a fun packed few days we were all shattered!

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AD|We were invited to stay at Bluestone as part of the Bluestone bloggers program. The stay was gifted. All food and extra activities were paid for by ourselves. As always all the thoughts and opinions contained in this blog are my own.