Parc Y Bocs. Days out

One of my favourite places ever to visit is Parc Y Bocs Farm Shop, Kidwelly. If you want to read their history click here.

I first discovered this little beauty when Isaac was about a year and a half. At the time they had a little farm shop with lovely fresh produce, a small park area and some chickens. They would give you a cup of feed for the chickens for free if you asked. I loved it then when it was very small. Over the years it has grown and expanded but it is still one of my favourite places to be and here is why.

The park is just fantastic. There are lots off different things for the children to do there suitable from very small to the very tall. All the children love to take a turn on the tractor.

Up the hill from the park you will find the chickens. You can still feed them but it requires 20p and you get a handful of mealworm (eww) I don’t mind the small fee because it goes toward Chicken welfare (I think it is for something good anyway). There is also a beautiful gazebo up here that you can chill out in the shade. On busy days they open up the picnic Bocs which is a small booth selling limited snacks and hot drinks.

Take a little wander around the walks to see where some of the vegetables are grown it’s a lovely little walk especially for smaller legs. They have bee hives where they make their own honey. Last time I visited I think I could see that they are doing a community garden.

On the far side of the walk are my favourites the Alpacas. I’m not sure who loves them more me or the kids! I just love their cute faces!

They often have events on for the community and they are so reasonable. I think this is one of the reasons I love this place so much. It has such a community feel to it and the events seem to be priced not to make money but to provide a community enjoyment. We have done the Halloween witch hunt and the Easter bunny hunt.The party at Parc Y Bocs is a family event and it is awesome! It is free entry in the day and there is loads to do in addition to the usual fun. They had a giant bubble man, circus skills area and a fantastic entertainer. There were traditional carnival games and craft making in the cwtch. There was also free candy floss. Winner! After 5.30pm it is a paid ticket event. A family ticket is just £10! We couldn’t stay at for the evening event this year much to our disappointment but we did stay last year and it was awesome. Live music, cold beer and sunshine. Relaxing and watching the kids playing. Is there actually anything better?

Ok so I haven’t talked about the restaurant yet. Mainly because I haven’t eaten at the new restaurant yet! I know I can’t believe it either because it smells so good! I have been in for coffee and cake but that’s all. The Cheesecake is amazing by the way and you need it in your life!The place is quite dog friendly but there are obviously some areas dogs aren’t allowed eg restaurant and children’s play area. A list of dog friendly areas can be found on their website. The staff in the shop are always so pleasant and friendly and genuinely seem to enjoy working there.

Quick story but last year on my 40th Birthday I skived big little off school and we went down for a visit. (Gutted they were out of cheesecake on my Birthday but I digress). One of the pigs had gotten into the baby chicks pen. There were hens clucking, chicks trying to escape, us trying to keep them behind the fence and the pig joio boio in the chicken feed! The staff were on the ball getting someone down to come and sort it. Well in fact it took 3 someones to round those chicks up but it sure made for a memorable Birthday!

There is probably a whole lot more to say about this place so you should check out their website or the Facebook page. Opening times can be found on there also. you enjoyed the blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to get me straight to your inbox. Let me know in the comments your favourite place to visit.Love and peace xx

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