Babease. A review.

We have been really excited to review the new range of stage 3 foods from Babease.

I am always interested in a products story so let me share what I know. The company was started by Tom who is a dad and a chef. He basically wanted to produce a better, tastier range of baby food than what was already out there. He has a factory in Wales (where I am from) where the food is produced. Their range is veg led with no hidden fruit so that food tastes like it’s supposed to. The meals are organic with less water added. Baby Ezra 18months is going to be our taste tester.

Any excuse to post cute baby pics!

We received Stage 3 pouches to try.

The flavours were Lentil and vegetable bake, cottage pie and sweet potato and spinach masala.

We also received Stage 2 lentil puffs and pea puffs.

The flavours were cheddar cheese and chives; tomato, carrot, herbs and spices; garden pea puffs.

Now I would have bet the farm that the sweet potato masala was going to be his favourite but I was pleasantly surprised that he LOVED the cottage pie. Usually he prefers the tomato based pasta type food or a curry type flavour. A meat and veg boy he is not. The food is nicely textured so he’s got something to chew on. Now I always taste everything I feed him and these meals are really tasty. They taste like proper food and not baby food. He liked every flavour and as I’ve said the cottage pie was a clear favourite.

I’m not going to lie I thought pea puffs sounded disgusting BUT they’re actually good and were Ezra’s clear favourite which again surprised me. I thought he would definitely be more into the tomato, carrot, herbs and spices flavour. He liked all the flavours and troughed them down rather rapidly! (Not all in one sitting) My 7 year old also took a fancy to them and he preferred the tomato flavour.

What I liked is that on the packaging it is really clear what exactly it contains. It is all good organic food. No nasties. There is no added salt or sugar and the pouches I had were dairy and gluten free. They can be heated on the stove or in the microwave. The spoon is in fact the best spoon for self feeding. It has a soft end and it seems to grip the food even if the spoon is tilted a bit. Also because it is soft he was able to push it in his mouth at any angle. His self feeding is really coming along now so I’m very grateful for that.

We do lots of home cooking here but there are times when we need something at short notice or if we are having something very spicy for example they are handy. These pouches are fantastic to keep in the cupboard and because I know they are good food it eliminates the mum guilt. The snacks are a great healthy grab and go food. They are not very messy either which is always a win for me!

Thank you to Babease for gifting the products to review. They are fantastic. Recommended by Mammy and Baby Ezra approved.Check out the clip below…

Here are the links to the website and Instagram page

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Love and peace xx

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