Parenting. Expectations Vs Reality

Before getting pregnant and having kids I had an idea in my head of how it would all be. I guess we all do. It’s kind of funny when I look back how naive I actually was. Was I in for a wake up call! Early pregnancy I had imagined I would be all happyContinue reading “Parenting. Expectations Vs Reality” Weighted Blanket. A review.

This blog is a review of the blanket. It was a gifted item. As always all the thoughts and opinions contained in this blog are my own. I would never promote something I genuinely don’t love. Hey guys! How are you getting through January? Hang in there we are almost into February. Today I’mContinue reading “ Weighted Blanket. A review.”


I never set out with the intention of co-sleeping. I naively thought that I would just pop the baby into the Moses basket and off he would go to sleep, right? The last time I had a decent night sleep was sometime in 2012. My first son was born by C section in September 2012.Continue reading “Co-sleeping”