Christmas at Bluestone Wales

The minute that I heard the announcement that the restrictions were lifted in Wales I was on that Bluestone website. Of course so we’re the rest of Wales and I couldn’t book that day at all. The next day however I was in! We deserved a holiday this year and I really wanted the children to have something memorable this Christmas after such a difficult year. I even did a happy dance!

I was nervous in the 2 weeks leading up to our booking in case we had ‘the call’ that someone had to isolate. I was also apprehensive about what it would be like when we got there. I had read the FAQs on the Bluestone page and also found this Bluestone information Facebook page really helpful.

Day 1

We arrived in Bluestone at teatime because I had to work that day. Check in was really smooth and everything was well explained. We were sent a text with the Bluestone information pack and headed off to the lodge to unpack. We stayed in a Tenby Lodge in Templars Court. Its the second time we have stayed there and we really like the location. Now it’s the first time we have booked a buggyat Bluestone. Previously we hadn’t felt the need but we treated ourselves this time as it was christmas. I must say I really enjoyed the convenience and the fun of the buggy. We just settled ourselves in that night and watched a film. We had paid to upgrade to Bluestone premium WiFi but the firestick was working ok on the regular WiFi.

Day 2

Up and at ’em. We were all raring to get down to the Blue Lagoon. We zoomed over in the buggy. We already knew to have our swim wear on under our clothes. At the Blue Lagoon reception they explained everything. Before the pool you change in the dry side area. Masks are worn until your belongings are placed in the lockers, which are now poolside. You get a band which allows a 2 hour session in the pool. On exit you use the Wetside changing rooms, which is where all the cubicles are. You are asked not to use showers and to only change back into your clothes. I have to be honest I actually preferred that process. I was relieved to see the pool was sparsely populated. The water jets and waves were not operating. Otherwise I found no difference. The outdoor lazy river was still the family favourite even in November! And the 2 little crazies still loved jumping off the step in the outdoor pool. My big little even braved all the slides this year which I was so happy about. Nippers cove was open and Ezra really enjoyed all the toddler sized fun activities (photo from previous visit). The Christmas decorations were beautiful and it really made me start to feel festive.

We returned to the lodge for some lunch and around late afternoon we made our way over to the Serendome. Now I defy anyone to go into the Snowglobe (Serendome) and not get into the Christmas spirit. It is sparkly and shiny. There are festive songs playing and festive smells in the air. The place is covered in snow and I was absolutely blown away. We all were. We walked around taking in the magic. There was plenty of space for social distancing. Be sure to take your waterproofs and wellies if your children are as obsessed with water as mine are. The Serendome water play area is fab and the littles spent ages just splashing about and experimenting with the water.

There is also a great park within the Serendome. Periodically snow was blasted from the theatre and it really did feel like a winter wonderland. We had some Street food from the stalls, I had loaded fries that I absolutely demolished! The littles had some Joe’s ice-cream and we headed home as the dome was coming to a close. Getting a selfie at the Christmas tree on the way out/in.

Day 3

The morning was spent at the Blue Lagoon. We spent the afternoon looking at our Bluestone Christmasland chronicles book and finding out our elf names and jobs. We then did the extremely important job of writing the letters to Santa. We had an early tea and went out to our Santa stop to wait for Santa so we could give him our letters. We did wait a while but when Santa did arrive he most definitely did not disappoint. Santa chatted with us all for a while and the elves were real characters. Ezra was in absolute awe of the whole experience. I was a bit in awe too. I didn’t manage to get very good photos.

We headed down to the Bluestone village to explore and were lucky enough to have just started playing in the park when the light show started. It was beautiful and the children absolutely loved it. We stayed in the village for a while and then made our way over to the Toymakers Trail.

I can only say it’s magical. I won’t put too many pictures not to spoil it if you are going. We roasted some marshmallows at the fire pit at the end of the trail too. Definitely wear wellies or old shoes as it’s a tad muddy.

Day 4

This was our last day of our Christmasland Bluestone adventure. Again we spent the morning swimming at the Blue Lagoon. We sure have missed being able to swim so much this year. Photo taken at previous visit.

We made the most of our last day by spending the afternoon in the park in the Bluestone village. We were again enthralled by the beautiful light show and the story told by Rudolf. It really captivated the children’s imaginations.

We spent the evening in the Serendome. Enjoying the festive experiences once more. The smaller children took a turn on each of the traditional fairground rides which as you can see they absolutely loved!

Let’s not forget the Amazing pizza From the Oaktree cafe. Absolutely amazing stuff! I got halfway through and realised it was so amazing I needed to take a picture for you!

Day 5

Time to say goodbye to Bluestone. We didn’t want to hang about this time on changeover day because we were mindful of the incoming guests and felt there may be too many people about. But you are welcome to use the on site facilities for the rest of the day. Here is a link to an IGTV I made of our highlights.

Until next time Bluestone. This is Team Drews Davies over and out!

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