Bluestone,West Wales. Family Holiday Day 2

I was the first to wake up because I was so excited. I kid you not I was like a child at Christmas! We all couldn’t wait to hit the Blue Lagoon pool. We have visited several times before as a day visitor and at our previous stay in 2015.

When you walk into the pool area you get the feel of being on holiday. I mean abroad on holiday. I think it’s the way the sun shines in from the glass roof above and the air temperature is warm I always get that feel if excitement. I knew where we were going first, the Lazy River. Firm favourite with big little since 2015. We all love a lazy river but this is the only one we have been to that goes outside. I was a little bit apprehensive about going outside in January however my worries were unfounded as the water temperature kept us lovely and warm. The littles even climbed out on to the step of the small outside pool to jump in (nutters). There is a small hot tub outside too but I wasn’t brave enough for the short dash up the steps.

Back inside the main pool area and the waves had started. We all love the waves and little little just loves getting splashed by the waves. He has no fear by the way, left to his own devices he would be in the deep end with the big kids for sure. Off to one side of the main pool is the toddler area Nippers Cove. Here toddlers can splash about in a paddling pool filled with fun water activities, as slide, bubbles and they even have rock pools they can climb on the far side. You can also get free swimming nappies here if needed. They’re in a basket you just help yourself as needed.

To the other side of the main pool is the Pirates Shipwreck Torrwr Mor. Here there are waterfalls and sprays for the children (and grown ups!) To play in. Being part fish, little little does love that area. He has no cares at all about water splashing him in his face. The waterslides are located this side too but big little was a bit to nervous to go on today. Even though he had been on one before.

After our swim we popped back to the lodge for some lunch and then headed over to the Serendome for the first time.The Serendome was very impressive. It is like a giant umbrella over the whole area giving some protection from the elements. The sides are open and although the land around gives shelter somewhat too, you still need to dress appropriately for the season. It is a huge space with multiple different activity areas. There was soft play, go karts, a park with picnic benches, sand play, water play. In the centre was the Cloud Theatre and the huge Sky Walk activity area. Some of the activities in the Serendome need to be booked and paid for in addition to your stay so you may want to check that out before you go.

As we got to the park area we were greeted by the jolly bubble men entertaining the children with their wonderful bubble magic. I am a bit partial to the giant bubbles myself. The two smallest absolutely loved this and had a ball! When the bubble men had finished we all had a Joe’s Ice cream. We hadn’t realised it was getting dark we were having so much fun. We headed back to the lodge for tea. Little little was skipping his naps in the day so he was more than ready for bed by 7pm bless him.

We all had a fantastic day. Check out what we got up to on day 3.

AD|We were invited to stay at Bluestone as part of the Bluestone bloggers program. The stay was gifted. All food and extra activities were paid for by ourselves. As always all the thoughts and opinions contained in this blog are my own.