Luminate Wales

This was a gifted event. All the thoughts and opinions contained in this blog are my own.

Anyone else find it really tricky to find activities for the family in the winter? I’m always on the look out for anything to peel them away from a screen. We were extremely fortunate to be gifted a family pass to go to the event. Now I had seen some pictures on the site and it looked really great. So last Thursday we went for our visit.

I was not prepared for the amazing visual experience I was about to enter into. From the moment you walk in through the arch the experience begins. I’m finding it tricky to write about the experience in such detail without spoiling the experience for you, if you are going to visit this is your spoiler warning!

Ok you have been warned!

A mighty wizard introduces you to the event and the magical feel begins. You have to follow the path around the park where there are various different light displays. Some are even interactive.

In through the beautiful tunnel of light towards what felt like a woods of twinkling stars.

Pop into the cabin and make your wishes ready for the wishing tree.

You won’t find it yet but there are some fun interactive things to do along the way. You can play the piano or ring the bells. I’m not going to post pictures about that part I will let you discover for yourselves. Then you will arrive at the wishing tree.

Watch out you don’t get lost in the light maze!

When you get to the steps be wary because at the top is a Troll! Answer the riddles correctly to safely pass over the trolls bridge.

You don’t want to go passed when he is angry!

If you manage to get safe passage you will enter the land of fairies. I think this was my favourite part.

Now whatever you do don’t pass by the next cabin without popping in. You can get some marshmallows to toast or for the non driving mammy (me!) you can get a glass of mulled wine.

Don’t forget to stop for a selfie on the way to the courtyard.

The cafe was open and there was one of those amazing pizza vans. There are also toilets for those of you who are like me with the bladder of a gnat.

The finale was spectacular and I’m not posting pictures of it but just trust me you will not be disappointed.

The whole experience made me feel like I was Alice in Wonderland. There were such different light displays everywhere that just amazed me and it really felt magical from start to finish. Oh and the kids loved it too! Be sure to get your pictures by the giant LUMINATE display before heading back down.

I thought this was a fantastic family activity for all ages. Young and old. We didn’t use our pushchair but we saw that plenty were going round the path without a problem. I would recommend wellies or at least old shoes as it’s pretty muddy in patches. The marshmallows were £2 for 4 on a skewer which I did think was a bit steep particularly for larger families though I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t take your own.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our visit. Let me know your experience if you do decide to visit as I would love to hear about it.

Love and peace xxx

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