WatAdventurers Personalised book

This post is a review of a gifted book. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

We love books in this house and if you follow my Instagram you will have seen how many we have here! So I am always super excited when we get asked to review another book.

WatAdventurers offer a personalised hardback book with the child’s name. My son really loves personalised books but what was even more special was that he was able to pick his own avatar when ordering the book and was super excited waiting for it to arrive. The book is aimed to inspire your child to save the Earth from environmental disasters.

The book is aimed at children aged 6 – 12 years old. It is 66 pages long and features your child as Blue Fox the hero of the stories who embarks on two epic adventures. From the Sewers to the Stars the WatAdventurers will save the Earth from corruption and evil.

The book features two graphic novels ‘Saving Slime Town’ and ‘Planet B’. The stories are fantastic adventures and my 7 year old thoroughly enjoyed reading them together. The illustrated graphics are fun and colourful. There were also some creative and STEM activities which my son always enjoys. We haven’t build the recycling centre for his bedroom yet but we will when we have gathered all the materials.

What I liked about the book is that it opens up the conversation on the eco challenges faced by us on the planet right now. When we read through the challenges my son asked lots of questions about each one as he became more aware of what was happening on the planet. The thing that most impressed me about the book was the mindfulness diary. From my own personal experience I know how important this tool is for life in the 21st century. Introducing children to this from a young age is invaluable. I was so pleased to get the chance to talk about this with my son in a way that interested him.

WatAdventurers book would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any young planet savers in your family. You get a free digital membership to WatAdventure kids with every purchase. Here your child can join a gang of children from all over the world to work together to save the world from destruction.

I loved the book so much I am adding it in as an entry to my Christmas gift guide which will go live very soon.

Have you joined the WatAdventurers yet? You can find more information on their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. You can also purchase a copy from their website.

Let’s save the planet together!

Love and peace xxx