Weerideuk Bike Carrier. Review.

How are your summer holidays going? We are heading into week 6 and we have had a great time so far. One of our favourite things to do as a family is to go on a bike ride. It’s something that is enjoyable for all the ages of our kids and believe me when I say finding something for ages 1, 6, 13 and 16 that they all like can be a challenge.

We each have a bike except little little and we plan on getting him a balance bike soon. Big little still lacks a bit of confidence without the stabilisers so when we are going on a longer ride we have a pull along bike to hook up. Last year we used a trailer for the little but now that he’s bigger we wanted him up on the bike where he can see more. We did have a rear bike seat carrier for me to carry him along but since I broke my arm last year I feel nervous about him riding in the back so we were in a bit of a dilemma.

Then we discovered that there was a bike seat that you can place at the centre of the adult bike. It looked amazing and we absolutely had to try it out.

Weeride Bike Carrier

This bike carrier is the only type in the UK that I am aware of anyway that the passenger is able to ride in front of the adult but is attached to the centre frame of the bike and not the front. Seats that are rear mounted can destabilise the back of the bike and the same with the front mount seats. I myself am nervous with the rear mounted seat as I can’t see what is going on back there and I always worry what would happen if I did have a fall.

Installation was easy peasy and you can go to their YouTube video on installation here

Things we liked about the Weeride seat:

  • Child feels more secure between your arms
  • The position of the seat does not upset the balance of the bike
  • The adjustable 5 point harness is very secure
  • Foot cups with secure straps
  • Child has an excellent view and you can talk to him and point things out as you go
  • Easy to fit and easy to swap from bike to bike.
  • Nice, soft padding to seat.
  • Our little liked to hold on to the front plate but it can be used to rest the child’s head if they fall asleep

Things we dislike about the Weeride seat

  • Nothing. We love it.

Although I’m not sure if we were boring the little one…just kidding see pic below

We made a little clip for you to see how much fun we have! You can see that the Hubster also uses a trailer bike to pull along our 6 year old which is something we couldn’t do with the rear seat.

Music credit : Jane Zhang, Dream it possible

You can also see how happy Baba is as we hooked up a camera for you to see his reaction…

Music credit Music: Wander
Musician: @iksonofficial

We are really impressed with the design of the seat for comfort, safety and fun. I was honestly surprised that he slept so well while in the seat. This means that we can go on further rides now because we don’t have to rush back for naptime.

You can get the Weeride car seat here:



Discount code MatdiscB10 will get you £10 off any seat until Sept 30th

If you go on any Wee adventures be sure to let me know and also tag the Weerideuk page.

Love and peace xxx

Declaration: In the interest of full disclosure the bike seat was not gifted but I did receive a discount to purchase the seat. All the thoughts and opinions given in this review are my own and I think you will see that the video clips support this.

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