Days out -Llyn Llech Owain

As a family of 6 we are always looking for fun days out that won’t cost the earth but can entertain the children from age 1 through to age 16. Not always an easy feat but the outdoors never fails to serve us all. One of our favourite places to visit is Llyn Llech Owain Country Park.

Llyn Llech Owain is situated near Crosshands in South West Wales. There is a brand new park for the older children, a smaller toddler park. There are miles of paths to follow which will take you past the huge lake, which is surrounded by a pest bog. This rare habitat is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

We have not taken all of the paths but the 2 main paths we have taken are well surfaced and suitable for bikes, pushchairs or wheelchairs. A path has been made to cross over the peat bog and to go around the lake. There is a visitor’s centre situated near the lake and is particularly fun for the smaller children to look out over the lake. There is also an exhibition inside with information about the country park. And for those who have rubbish bladders like mine there are toilet facilities inside.

The legend of the lake tells of a historic serviceman called Owain Lawgoch. Owain was entrusted to look after Mynydd Mawr, a well on the mountain. Each day he was careful to replace the slab after taking water for his horse but one particular day he forgot and water flooded down the mountain resulting in the lake. This lake was called Llyn Llech Owain which means ‘the lake of Owain’s slab’.

There is a lovely cafe there too which is well renowned for delicious food and I am desperate to try their afternoon tea which looks amazing but as a family we love an outdoor picnic so we only have ever bought ice cream, which is always really good!

This time we just went with the 2 littles and the fur baby. The boys both had an absolute ball playing in the park. While we set up the picnic near the gate so we could put the dog the other side while we ate. The country park is dog friendly but no dogs allowed inside the play area.

The walk around the lake is so beautiful and peaceful. If you are into geocaching it’s a great place for this with several located around the park. We just found one this time but we have found quite a few on other visits. For those new to geocaching it is like a treasure hunt and you use an app on your phone to help locate the cache. Awesome fun for all ages (grown ups too!) Totally get involved. There is a free version available although you can upgrade to a paying version for more caches.

Personally I love the woods the most. Because well I just love being in the woods. But it is so unusual with the curved tree trunks and visible roots because of the boggy ground. It feels like being in the enchanted wood in the Faraway books by Enid Blyton. Oh and if you haven’t read those books to your children you are missing a treat. You’re welcome.

Finishing off your day with an ice cream is standard on days out. The ice cream here is really good. I can’t remember exactly how much parking was but it was roughly £3 for the whole day. Bargain! If you live in West Wales and have yet to visit or are visiting the area I highly recommend you pay a visit.

Until next time friends…

Love and peace xx

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