Coughs and sneezes spread diseases…

This week I thought I would be writting about my first week back in work but different things happen in life so I’m putting that one on hold and I’m gonna write about something else. In fact it’s going to be a bit of a rant. Now I haven’t got a rant blog and I don’t intend it to ever be that but sometimes you need to get things off your chest, so here we are.

If you follow this blog or my Instagram you will know I went back to work last week and the munchkin started day nursery. Now I knew he would pick things up going to a nursery, it’s inevitable where there are lots of little children in close contact. Poor mite has a nasty cough and cold, conjunctivitis and had a horrible sickness bug. Coincidence? Maybe. I recall from when my youngest was in nursery that some parents blatantly ignored exclusion for illness policies. And now he’s in school I know some parents send their children in knowing full well that their child should be home.

Now I want to be clear here there are LOTS of times you won’t know your child is contagious. I went to a party Friday and we possibly infected everyone else there but at that time we were symptom free and unaware what fresh hell was awaiting us on Saturday. I don’t mean those times. I am very careful not to judge other mums because I am far, far from perfect myself. However, if you knowingly send your contagious, infected child to school or nursery to spread germs around I’m gonna say you’re a dick.

Sorry not sorry.

The reason I’m particularly peeved this time is because little bub has been really unwell. He was refusing to drink after the bug and became quite dehydrated and had to be referred to the paediatric assessment unit for review. Fortunately he perked up without intravenous fluids and we were able to take him home that night and he started slowly taking fluids orally. Three days on and I can see he is still quite dehydrated but his fluid intake has improved and we are getting wetter nappies now. It really has been such a worrying time.

Look, I get it. I get how hard it is to call it when your children are ill and you have to go to work. I know they don’t need to be home at the first sign of a sniffle. Believe me I carefully consider any episodes myself. I am in a fortunate position that my employers are reasonable and don’t make it difficult for me if I have to take time off for my children when they are ill. I take it out of my annual leave.

If my 6 year old has cold symptoms without a fever he goes as long as I deem him physically well otherwise. Any high temperature I keep him off. Any contagious childhood diseases I keep him off while he is ill and for the recommended exclusion period. If he has vomiting or diarrhoea he is off and for the exclusion period. It’s just plain decency and common sense.

Keep your infected child away from mine thank you very much.

Normal services will now resume. Love and peace xx


  1. Yes makes me mad to and I hate that some employers pressure people to put their needs prior to the employees family and well being. I see both sides but I can’t stand it when I send my little one to school and kids are obviously there that shouldn’t be. 😷

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  2. This! This! This! I LOOOOVE this so much. You said everything PERFECTLY! My two have been sick off and on during this winter season, and it’s been difficult keeping the sickness away. I hate when Vaeh has to miss school, but I’d rather her be home *KNOWING* she isn’t feeling well, but also under my care, and that she isn’t going to spread any germs to any of her little friends. Every single time I have been around her classmates, ALL of them are barking their heads off. Me = cringing. First thoughts, what is she going to bring home next. & I agree, it’s so hard if you work, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, especially if they are contagious and the school and/or doctors think it’s best if they stay home. In the end, their health is more important to me than going to work and making money.
    Obviously, you need money to manage that “health” which also enrages me. You get what I’m saying though. Love this Cath!


  3. This post 🙌🏻 I feel it in such a real level! My older boys have asthma that flares with the smallest cold! One year, cold turned to pneumonia overnight, both admitted to the hospital for a week, together!

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