I’ll be there for you

Screenshot_20181121_233610Welcome to the second part of my Thanksgiving special. Today I’m going to write about something else I’m really grateful for. Friends. There are a few different types of friends that I can think of. Old friends, work friends, school mum friends and out of school activities friends. I have also come to realise that I have many friends I have never actually met in person. People who I have met through Facebook and more recently Instagram.Screenshot_20181121_233232

I have 2 close friends now that I knew from when i was a very small child. One lives about an hour away. We chat reasonably regularly on messenger and meet up a few times a year. The other lives just around the corner from me. We see each other frequently  but life as it is we rarely get to spend much time hanging out. We try our best to meet up as much as we can and we both know we would be there for the other if needed without hesitation. Some friends from when I was a bit older, teen years, that I am still close with and again life as it is for all of us keeps us busy. We touch base through messages and try to meet up as often as we can. And again would support each other, without hesitation at the drop of a hat. Even though we don’t see that much of each other we have all the love for each other.Screenshot_20181121_233354

For many years at the start of my career I worked as part of a big team. I loved it. It was like a big family and I made some really good friends through there. It took me so long to move on from there because it was hard to leave such a lovely team. My new work mates are great though and I still get to see some of my old work friends at work sometimes.Screenshot_20181121_234923

School mum friends are bonded because we each possess our own little weirdos of the same age. We understand and sympathise as each child goes through the various stages of being a swine. School gates are notorious for being cliquey but by a stroke of luck my 6 year olds class has the best bunch of mums.Screenshot_20181121_235044.jpg

I have a few friends that I only ever interact with through the internet. I have been using Instagram for a couple of months and have spoken with some amazing and lovely people I would not have ordinarily come across. Many of these people I chat with every day or every few days. I have talked to people who are inspirational. Lovely ladies with the most interesting stories. People with the power to motivate me off my sofa! Ladies who support each other and help each other with growing their accounts. Amazing makers of crafts and designs and photography. Ladies who design beautiful interiors and ladies who’s cleaning tips keep my house from looking like a hovel. All the fabulous mum accounts…the funny ones, the crunchy ones, the anxious ones, the crafty ones, the foodie ones, the stylish ones and the rap mum ones and so many more that keep me sane on a daily basis.

To old friends, new friends and cyber friends…thank you all for being part of my journey. 💗💗💗

Love and peace xxx



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