Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

While I am on leave from my job I have been occupying my little bit of spare time by working on my Instagram account and setting up this blog. That means I’ve been spending a more significant amount of time looking at social media than I would have ordinarily.Screenshot_20181103_171958

Don’t we all just love browsing at other peoples pictures? Previously, I was mainly looking at Facebook and dipping in and out of Instagram on my private account. I never really figured out Twitter. Pinterest got me too obsessed looking at all the great stuff I was never going to make and I have uploaded 1 video to my YouTube channel about 10 years ago!

I was finding Facebook to be full of drama at times so thought I would set up an additional account on Instagram. I must say I think I have become ever so slightly obsessed! There is much more of a sense of community on Instagram and of people supporting one another. I think it helps that somehow I had the good luck of finding the guys who set up  Find Your Tribe who have helped me so much. Thanks Chels, Mishi, Tiffani and Ashley. if you want to check them out.Screenshot_20181103_172128

My Instagram and this blog as th3secretlifeofme has given me a focus and a distraction which has definitely helped me on my journey to wellness. One thing that is a negative for me though is that when I  look through all these beautiful accounts I tend to compare and dispair. Not consciously but on a more subconscious level. It kind of goes …oh how lovely they made cakes (pictures of kids who made amazing cupcakes) so I think that’s a great idea. Let’s do it. When the reality for me usually means cakes that haven’t risen and a kitchen that looks like a bomb site! I know that in the real world the instamum probably had a crapload of mess to clean up and icing sugar all over her cupboards too but we don’t often see that behind the picture.Screenshot_20181103_172251.jpg

I guess what I am trying to learn is to enjoy the beautiful pictures but to not compare because all that we see on social media is a snapshot of someone’s world. An instant in time. A perfect moment captured in a world of beautifully, messy imperfection. Because that’s what life is. It’s never always going to be perfect but we need to just hang on to those perfect moments because it’s those moments that make life worth living.

Peace and love xx




Published by th3secretlifeofme

CRUNCHY ON THE OUTSIDE, SOFT ON THE INSIDE. That probably sums me up perfectly. I haven't written an about me since I joined a dating site in 2009. That wasn't my header for that site by the way! Anyway, that was a lifetime ago in another world (thankfully). But I still feel tongue-tied (type-tied?) as to what to put in this section. I would love it to flow and sound like I am some kind of pro, I have even googled what makes a good about me but in all honesty I am just a mum trying to write about my life to help me make sense of it all. I am a mum to 4 fabulous children. I gave birth to 2 of them and a bonus 2 ❤️. The Gamer is 16, the Princess is 12, the Minion is 6 and the Munchkin is almost 1. Things i write about are things that inspire me, some things will hopefully be funny, I will also write about my journey through post-natal depression with anxiety and what has helped me. I hope you enjoy my blog. I am one of Mybump2babys favourite bloggers

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