The Dinosaur Park Tenby

It is so nice to be able to go more places now the restrictions are being eased. I really have missed our family trips and then sharing my reviews for you guys. The Dinosaur Park Tenby is one of our favourites. I was a little apprehensive to be honest as it’s the first time we have really been anywhere since the pandemic. I was very pleased with the safety measures they have put in place for social distancing. There was plenty of hand sanitiser everywhere and equipment was being thoroughly cleaned in between use. I just wanted to make this clear upfront to reassure anyone if they are planning to visit that I felt safe and relaxed there.

The Dinosaur Park is suitable from birth to I would say about age 11. It is more suited to the younger aged children but there are still plenty of things to do here if your children are a bit older. We took the 2 smallest as it’s not really the scene for the teenagers, they are aged 2 and 7. I will leave a link to the Dinosaur Park site here so you can link straight through to the most up to date prices and Covid 19 information. While we are on prices I think it is very reasonably priced in comparison to some other attractions.There are lots of little rides around the park. There are bumper boats, hurricane cars, go karts, motorised tractors, hand pedal boat, a huge bumpy slide, a giant tubey slide, little Herbie cars, skiddee cars (think fast and furious Tokyo drift just a little slower) and a fantastic adventure net. All manned rides are free and there may be age or height restrictions in place on some rides. Ezra is 2 and he was able to go on nearly everything (some required an adult to accompany him).The adventure net was loved by both the children. Isaac is part monkey so it’s basically his natural habitat. Ezra needed some adult help to go around the top section but was so proud he was able to do something that big brother was doing. There was a bouncy net in the centre which was amazing fun. Not quite as bouncy as a trampoline. Isaac also really enjoyed the climbing wall on the lower section. The bigger kids (mum and dad) also really enjoyed this.The children were not quite tall enough for the Skiddee cars. Of course the Mr had to have a go! I think he had visions of being in the fast and the furious! He was slightly disappointed I think when he wasn’t ripping the road up but I thought it was hilarious.They have a lovely playground with a few different sets of equipment that cater for different ages so both the boys could enjoy a play in the park. You can also search for fossils in the sand pit area that’s just next to it.I can tell you that the family favourite ride of the day was the Tubey Slide. It was the first time Isaac had been big enough to go on alone and he was loving it! The bumpy slide came in as a close second favourite.We set off on the Dinosaur Trail just before lunchtime. Now if you follow me on Instagram you will know how obsessed Ezra is with dinosaurs. He was in his absolute element. It really was such a joy to watch him running to find each dinosaur and calling out their names. I couldn’t wait for him to see the Triceratops and T Rex which are his favourites. I was not disappointed by his reaction when we found them.We had our picnic lunch sat next to the T Rex which has a small play area at one side and a maze on the opposite side so the big and little were entertained while we had a quick rest. After lunch we headed to the football golf which was a lot of fun for us all.We didn’t do the T Rex 12 hole mini golf this time because we got so carried away with time we basically ran out of time. The Dino Safari was available but as a walking activity rather than with the buggy but again we had lost track of time enjoying all the other attractions. We will be back and can do these next time anyway.There were a few activities unavailable due to the Covid restrictions but it didn’t take anything away from the enjoyment of the day and we can go and enjoy those in the future. If there is something specific you are interested in it would be worth checking the website or giving them a call.So if you are in West Wales and your looking for a super fun family activity then The Dinosaur Park Tenby is for you. Let me know what you think if you visit.Love and peace xxx

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