An Open Letter to the People of the UK

People of the UK your country needs you. Your country needs your help. Never before, in most of your lives, has your country required so much of you. You see we are at war. The enemy is invisible. The enemy is unlike any other we have seen before so we don’t know which weapons we can use to defeat it. The enemy is deadly for some. Each and every one of us is required to play a part in this war effort. Imagine if in WW1 or WW2 the whole country did not get on board. What would have become of us then?
The NHS are the army. They will do the hard work of fighting the enemy head on. They have prepared the battlefield as best they can and are already battling hard in some areas. Some may even die fighting this war. The scientists will be working hard to find the weapon to completely annihilate the enemy. To make sure it can never cross our shores again. There are many other key workers who will work hard to support the war effort. They will keep us fed, keep our utilities going, care for the children of other key workers to name just a few. Each is just as important as the other. The remaining members of the UK public YOU have a massive role to play in the war effort. YOU can actually make the difference. YOU can save lives. YOU can be the heroes of this war too. What can you do?
YOU need to follow the Government advice. YOU need to isolate when you have symptoms. Your household needs to isolate with you. Follow the current Government advice.
Even if you or your household have no symptoms you still need to practice social distancing. Stay home. Watch Netflix, read books, play with your children, meditate, do home workouts, bake, learn something new. Leave home only for essentials. Try to minimise any contact on those occasions. If you need to go outside for fresh air keep a distance from others. YOU have such an important role in this war. YOU can actually slow the spread of the virus. That will give the NHS more of a chance to fight it before it becomes overwhelming. Do you realise how important each and every one of you are? Some of you will feel this is too much to ask of you but this is a temporary but necessary action. Some of you have not realised the gravity of the situation yet. Yes it all feels surreal right now but the full force of the enemy has not emerged yet. Please consider those who are elderly or vulnerable. It is life or death for some of these people. YOU have the power in  your hands to change that. To make things safer for them. To save their lives.

I will admit I completely underestimated the threat this enemy posed at first. I listened to the information given at the time and made judgements based on that but as more evidence has unfolded the more I have seen the enormity of this situation. I understand that the advice from the UK government has not always been clear or consistent but the message that seems to be coming through now is that STAYING HOME SAVES LIVES.

Link to social distancing advice

Guidance for households with possible infection

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