2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Hey guys. Hope you are all doing ok. I have been wanting to try banana pancakes for a while and in particular I wanted to try the 2 ingredient banana pancakes because there are times when we go through all the bananas and there are other times that the bananas are going black and get binned. We are trying to reduce waste here so this seemed like a great place to start.

I looked around a few different recipes but here is the one I decided to follow. It’s as simple as I wanted it. Eggs and bananas. So easy. The recipe recommend 1 large banana to 2 eggs. My bananas were more of a medium size so we tried 3 bananas to 4 eggs.

Very ripe bananas are easiest to mash up. I saw some recipes call for putting it in the blender but I can’t be doing with that kind of faff so they got a good mashing.

I then added the 4 eggs.
I beat the eggs into the banana puree until it became like pancake batter. I found mine was a smidge on the runny side so added 1 extra banana which gave a better consistency.
Mine was mostly lump free. A few teeny tiny lumps but I figured that would be just fine.

Into the hot pan. Blob a bit of butter in first so it doesn’t stick.

Carefully flip it over after a few minutes. It may take a couple of goes to get it quite right. You can always flip it back if it’s not brown enough.

I gave this one another quick flip.

These 2 ingredient banana pancakes taste so good. And with there only being those 2 ingredients they are a healthier option to a regular pancake and also gluten free. The only problem is deciding what topping to have!

I was kindly gifted some flavoured syrups from https://theskinnyfoodco.com

They are zero calorie and zero sugar. I have tried and like all the flavours I was gifted but fancied the chocolate brownie flavour for my pancakes. It was really good!

I will definitely be making these again and soon! Let me know if you try them out!

Love and peace xxx

The Skinny food company gifted me the syrups but it was not a requirement to include them in this blog post. I have added them in because I like their product and it tasted good on my pancakes.

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