My Journey from Fat to Fit Part 1

Hey people it’s almost Friday! Today I wanted to update you on my journey to fitness. If you have been following my blog a while you will know that I had set some goals back in January. One of them was to get fitter and healthier. If you missed it you can read that here. I have just made a few small changes.

I have really looked at the way I was eating. We have always made lots of home made meals but there were the odd occasions that we would have something for convenience. We tightened up on the meal planning and having Alexa to keep our shopping list has been really handy! I’m not following any type of ‘diet’ but I’m trying to reduce sugar intake and portion my meals correctly.

I have also taken the plunge and joined the gym. Now I have never previously liked going to the gym before. It was a chore and mostly a bit half arsed if I’m honest. Went along to the induction and I actually got excited. Who am I right now?!

I started off the first few weeks doing the cardio machines. I do the recumbent bike, the cross trainer and treadmill ( fast walking, my knees can’t take running). I mostly stick to these because I feel safe doing them. I was going 3 times per week for the first 4 weeks. It was a bit tough going at first but by the third week I was actually enjoying it. One of my favourite things to do is to listen to Tova and Mike Leigh’s podcast while I’m working out. It helps the time pass really quickly although the loud outbursts of laughing do get me some funny looks!

Actual picture of me editing at the gym

After 4 weeks I plucked up the courage to go to a class. I had been thinking about the yogalates class from the beginning but the joys of social anxiety put me off for a while. I bit the bullet and went and loved it. I have been to yoga many years ago so I had some kind of idea about it but pilates was completely new to me. The first session there were a few new people so he taught us an introduction to pilates which I found really helpful. I also found my abs and glutes again after a few years…ouch! I have been going to that class once a week for the past few weeks and I feel completely blissed out afterwards.

So that links into self care and mental wellness. The time I spend at the gym now isn’t actually a chore but it’s my me time. I never ever thought I would feel that way. Honestly I thought it was going to be another thing to do on my long list of things but actually it is something I really look forward to now. Again, who am I?!

Keep killing it

Have I noticed any changes? Well yes I have. Have I got a six pack yet? No. Will I ever get a six pack? Probably not but every time I go is a step closer to being fitter. I am not aiming to be any weight, size or body shape in particular I just want to feel healthier and happier with my body. I have lost half a stone so far so not a huge weight loss but I have noticed my clothes feel looser and my leggings and knickers are starting to fall down a bit. Progress not perfection.

Progress not perfection

Ok gotta run I’m off to the gym! Love and peace xxx