We Visited Santa!

This is not a sponsored post.

It was about 9 years ago and in my pre children life that I first discovered the Winter Wonderland at Poundffald Farm, Three Crosses, Gower. I was browsing the internet and I happened upon the website. I had never seen anything like it. Christmas lights, Christmas scenes, Reindeer and the most Santa-y looking Santa ever. I had to go. Except one little problem I didn’t have kids.

That wasn’t going to stop me and I arranged to take my friend and her young daughter to visit this amazing wonderland. I was honestly captivated by the festive feels there. There were elves and reindeer and snow…ok not real snow but a snow machine! My friends daughter loved it although possibly not as much as me!

When I had my first son I just couldn’t wait to take him to see it. He was 1 the first time we went. He loved all the singing and dancing characters and the pretty lights and as he has got older it’s become a bit of a tradition to go there. It never gets tired as things change and evolve from one year to the next.

First time with my oldest son.

Another year with my eldest.

And another year…a week before my due date!

We took my youngest last year when he was just shy of 1. He seemed to enjoy but this year he absolutely LOVED it! The lights, the singing and moving characters, the elves. My older son enjoyed watching the new characters and feeding the reindeer some magic reindeer food.

When we got to see Santa this year the toddler was oblivious as to who he was of course but was quite happy babbling away to him. My older son was in awe at first. He then chatted away with him telling him all sorts about computer games! We didn’t feel rushed and they both had lovely presents. I also got an amazing picture!

There is a beautiful little shop that you can visit as you are leaving to pick up any other festive items you may need.

Swansea Winter Wonderland at Gower Fresh Christmas tree website can give you all the details. I highly recommend it if you are in the local area.

This is my last post for 2019. I will be back Jan 2020.

I wish you all peace, love and joy xxx